Ring, Ring, Ring, Went the Bell…..

OK it seems that three of the last few destructive earthquakes here on our little planet were preceded a few days by coronal mass ejections, to wit Christchurch, NZ, the 9.0 Sendai quake and today’s quake 7.1 in Sendai.

A CME was due to hit the earth “a glancing blow” sometime yesterday on the 6th.

Maybe next time there is a CME we need to pay closer attention.  It may be that CME’s ring the Earth like a bell.

I can speculate that the enormous geomagnetic  forces of the CME possibly deform the Earth’s mantle, and subsequently deform the crust above it, resulting in slippages along faults and subduction zones.

Maybe CME’s trigger volcanism too.  Same reasons.


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