An Act of Kindness

I want to propose that Humboldt County take in a few Japanese refugees.

I know that there are plenty of people around me, Americans and immigrants,  that are suffering right now due to our poor economy.  So I know that proposing to bring foreigners here to live among us permanently will be controversial. 

I am looking at a people who have been devastated.  Whole towns wiped out.  Fishing villages- wiped out.

Humboldt Bay is home to a small fishing fleet.  Yes I know that our local fishing industry is suffering too.  Still, can’t we find room for five or six Japanese fishermen?  Can’t we find boats for them?  We are talking about fishermen who have lived for generations on the water.  Many of them have lost their families, their homes, their boats and now face the fact of nuclear contamination of their fishing grounds.

Due to the crowded nature of the Japanese Islands, there is little hope that many of these people will ever have a home again.  They will never again live the life they had before, nor will their children.

Let us find a way to immigrate a hundred or so Japanese to Humboldt.  That is enough to ensure them some community.   They will enrich ours.

It is time for an act of kindness.

Have a peaceful day,


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