New Organic Insecticide – Koala Bear Naturals

This new insecticide popped up on the market.  I have not tested it, all I know is what is on the website.   I post this FYI for all my organic gardening friends, as always this is not an endorsement just info.  Manufactured in Oregon.

from the website:


We are witnessing a global awakening of a “back to basics” philosophy towards living on our planet. Natural whole foods, chemical-free gardening, and living lightly on the earth, are all signs of our times, and of the future. Our ingredients are all natural, simple, safe, and sensible! You will feel so good about using these products!

 Koala Bear Naturals™

Natural Insecticide Sprays for Your Healthy Gardening…No Gloves Required!

Child and Pet Safe!

We are proud to introduce a line of natural insect deterrents for organic gardeners and healthy living enthusiasts. Our insect sprays are made with the finest, yet simplest ingredients: eucalyptus oil, tea tree oil, and canola oil. No gloves are required, nor masks, or pet removal for our insecticide or repellant …. an organic gardener’s dream-come-true!

We use ingredients that are healthy for humans, yet repelling or injurous to many insects. (except our wonderful ladybugs!). You can use our products with total confidence in your own safety, and that of those around you.

Product Properties :

Koala Kick ™ Insecticide is vegetable oil based. It works by smothering soft bodied, sap sucking insects, and by degrading and dehydrating their eggs. Use on infestations of aphids, whiteflies, mites, scale, leaf miners, and other soft bodied insect pests. The eucalyptus and tea tree oil component will repel insects, and will also combat powdery mildew. We suggest spraying once a week, or as needed. For the insecticide to work properly, the eggs or insect must be hit directly by the spray.

 Koala Kiss ™ Insect Repellant for plants- is a gentle spray formulated to repel insects from sucking sap, eating leaves, or choosing to lay their eggs on your beloved plants. The active ingredient is eucalyptus-tea ™, a formula of eucalyptus and tea tree oils, that is distasteful to insects, and will also help control powdery mildew. We suggest spraying every few days, or as needed.


-No gloves or mask necessary ( most of the natural insecticides

available on the market require gloves, masks, pet removal)

-No child or pet removal necessary

-Same day harvest of food crops is fine

-No harmful residue

-No petroleum products used

-All natural, vegetable based

-Safe for our friendly hard shelled LADYBUGS

-Safe to use indoors

-Safe to use around workers

-Completely biodegradable


One Response to “New Organic Insecticide – Koala Bear Naturals”

  1. Says:

    thanks for highlighting our new product line. Because of the EPA fees of over $600,000 to test any untested “insecticide” other than a small out dated list of natural substances, we have changed the wording on our labels. See the website for details. Both sprays have been tested on Medical M., Veggies, fruit trees and ornamentals. It’s a shame that our EPA is really holding back the introduction of new natural substances for gardening. Pretty typical of red tape, and a Dow dominated industry. We’ll plug along and try to spread the word on our “Botanicals for your plants”…in spite!

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