Possible Cancer Cluster in Nor Cal Hospital

Nancy Turner, director of communications for Sutter Health, told KCRA 3 that over the past several weeks an unspecified number of cancer cases and thyroid illness has been detected among staff members working in the pediatrics department.

The pediatrics unit is normally located one floor above the radiology department. Turner said it has been temporarily moved to another building.

via KCRA Sacramento:


“”The cause of most thyroid nodules is not known, but a lack of iodine in the diet and certain genetic factors can cause the development of nodules,” said Dr. Robert Hartmann, a member of the Sutter Amador Hospital medical staff and Public Health Officer for Amador County. He added that exposure to radiation increases the probability that a nodule is cancerous, but that “Americans are exposed to radiation every day even if they don’t work in a hospital because of the sun, cellphones and microwaves. It also takes decades for this kind of exposure to develop into a thyroid nodule or thyroid cancer.” ”



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