Eureka Strangeness: 14 Neighbors Sue Marijuana Grow House Landlord

This case is strange in a couple of ways, it may set precendent(s), but no matter what it casts a little light on how the marijuana industry functions in Humboldt.  Although landlords often complain about pot growing tenants it is clear that a lot of landlords know what is going on and encourage it in return for grossly high rental charges.

from the Times-Standard:

A Eureka landlord who lost a small claims lawsuit in October brought by neighbors of one of his rental properties is appealing the ruling and is ready for another trial in the case slated to start Tuesday.

A total of 14 neighbors living in the area surrounding the 200 block of Hillsdale Street in Eureka sued Alan Oliver Ebenstein, of Santa Barbara, each seeking $7,500 and claiming that a marijuana growing operation in one of Ebenstein’s rental properties posed a nuisance that he failed to abate.


One Response to “Eureka Strangeness: 14 Neighbors Sue Marijuana Grow House Landlord”

  1. What a bunch of fags! Eureka is and will always be a trash pit full of tweakers and fags.

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