Circular Contrail Over Eureka

11:56 AM it is a bright sunny day here (for a change) and I just noticed a huge semi-circular contrail over Eureka.  It was from an aircraft that was headed south west and then did a 180 right turn directly over Eureka and headed back north east.  It was very high, 25,000 feet maybe, white in color and multiengine.  Perhaps a flight for Honolulu from the NE US?

We see quite a few contrails here, mostly north south but u turns are rare.  Sadly I have no camera today.  Maybe someone else gets a pic of it.



One Response to “Circular Contrail Over Eureka”

  1. I have seen several “u” turns over the years, NORAD flights? both from the north and south
    I have seen “doubles” (two planes flying the same route) and once a third plane joined the the “double” from due west turning south to follow the first 2.
    this was at a time of increased tensions with N.Korea several years ago…

    I had also watched a stealth fighter fly repeat trips from the south pulling a “u” turn over Eureka, did about 6 laps turning over town at 40 minute intervals

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