Mayor of Japanese City, Abandoned by Government & TEPCO, Pleads for International Help

20,000 people trapped in nuclear limbo.  They are outside the evacuation zone but inside the stay inside zone and no one will bring them supplies.  They are out of fuel to continue evacuations.  This video was shot 5 days ago.

The mayor’s name is Katsunobu Sakurai.

Minamisoma City website:–cK40


“Hoshi Jyunichu lives in a nuclear ghost town.

On a recent afternoon, he calmly swept the entrance to his downtown coffeehouse, even though only one solitary soul had crossed the threshold the entire day. His customers, his neighbors, even his family, have all fled, leaving the 46-year-old father of two among Minamisoma’s stubborn holdouts.”,0,6683638.story

“On Wednesday afternoon, the only merchant still open for business in the shopping area near JR Kashima Station was a gasoline station. The central Kashima Ward, once home to 11,000 people, now houses only 1,300 people.

Minami-Soma is suffering an acute shortage of relief supplies and, although much of it lies outside the official evacuation zone, has found itself subject to a virtual quarantine.

Tanker drivers have refused to make their rounds to deliver gasoline to Minami-Soma because of fear of radiation.”


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