Life in a Nuclear Ghost Zone

“Cattle stampede across the fields in panic as they search for water. Pigs trot undisturbed down empty roads, and cats and dogs fend for themselves. Some of the farmers fled in such a hurry that cows were left tied up in their stalls, where they died of dehydration. In the closest town, Minamisoma, we encountered one woman weeping with relief, after sneaking back to her home in the evacuation zone to rescue her children’s five hamsters.”

“Until we reach the nerve centre of post-disaster Minamisoma – the clinic of Kyohei Takahashi. As the town’s obstetrician, the doctor, 72, has delivered 15,000 babies over the years, but since the evacuation he has become the sole doctor to the 10,000 who remain.

The elderly dominate the waiting room of the surgery, where Dr Takahashi sees as many as 100 patients a day, but among them are a few younger people, such as Ms Kowata, who weeps continually as she speaks. Her home is on the edge of the 20km evacuation zone, and like almost everyone else her family rushed to evacuate when the order was given.”

this is a must read from Richard Lloyd Parry in the Australian:

and also:


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