Fukushima Fallout Radiation Detected in Massachusetts Rainwater


Low levels of radioactive iodine likely resulting from the nuclear accident in Japan have been detected in a sample of rainwater in Massachusetts, state health officials said today.

The amounts of radioiodine are “very low concentrations” and should have “no impact on state drinking water supplies,” the Department of Public Health said in a statement.


The Massachusetts Department of Public Health said the in-state sample was taken in the past week, but they did not say where. The testing is part of a U.S. Environmental Protection Agency network that monitors for radioactivity.

State officials said similar testing was done in California, Pennsylvania, Washington and other states, and showed comparable levels of I-131 in rain.



UPDATE:   “If cows eat grass and other feed contaminated with iodine-131, the radioactive particles can get into milk. Milk was the main route of exposure after the 1986 Chernobyl nuclear power plant accident. The Massachusetts FAQ says that in initial testing the EPA hasn’t found iodine-131 in milk products in the United States. The EPA is stepping up efforts to test milk for iodine-131.”







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