Container Shippers Embargo Tokyo and Yokohama on Radiation Concerns

via Australia (Sydney Morning Herald):

“Fearing the potential impact on crews, cargo and vessels worth tens of millions of dollars, some of the world’s biggest container shipping lines have restricted or barred their ships from calling on ports in Tokyo Bay because of concerns about radiation from the damaged Fukushima nuclear power plant.

Meantime, ports in China are starting to require strict radiation checks on ships arriving from Japan. And in California on Friday the first ship to reach Long Beach port since Japan’s earthquake was boarded and scanned for radiation by Coast Guard and federal customs officials before being allowed to dock.”

“The shipping industry’s fears have escalated since port officials in Xiamen in China detected radiation on a large container ship belonging to Mitsui OSK Lines last week. The vessel, which is under quarantine, had sailed down Japan’s north-eastern coast and reportedly came no closer than 130 kilometres to the damaged nuclear plant.”


“A ship that had “abnormal” amounts of radiation after passing 67 nautical miles (124 kilometers) off Japan’s Fukushima prefecture, site of a crippled nuclear-power station, was heading back to the country after being rejected by authorities in China.

The MOL Presence is due to arrive in Kobe on March 30 from Xiamen, according to AISLive Ltd. ship-tracking data on Bloomberg. A Xiamen port official, who declined to give their name in a telephone call today, confirmed that the vessel had left and declined to elaborate.”


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