The North Pacific Gyre

The North Pacific Gyre, located in the northern Pacific Ocean, is one of the five major oceanic gyres. This gyre comprises most of the northern Pacific Ocean. It is the largest ecosystem on our planet. It is located between the equator and 50º N latitude and occupies an area of approximately 20 million square kilometers.[1] The gyre has a clockwise circular pattern and comprises four prevailing ocean currents: the North Pacific Current to the north, the California Current to the east, the North Equatorial Current to the south, and the Kuroshio Current to the west. It is the site of an unusually intense collection of man-made marine debris, known as the Great Pacific Garbage Patch.

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“Debris generated by the Japanese earthquake and tsunami is almost certain to follow the prevailing currents to Canada’s west coast — but it could take two years to arrive.”

“The Korea Ocean Research and Development Institute (KORDI) said prevailing sea currents near the atomic power plant that started releasing radioactive materials on March 12, always head east toward the central Pacific and away from the Korean Peninsula.The warm Kuroshio current from Taiwan and the subarctic Oyashio or Okhotsk from the Arctic Sea meet southeast of the Fukushima plant and form the North Pacific Current that flows east.”From mid-March the North Pacific Current maintained a width of over 100 kilometers and moved at a maximum of 1 meters per second toward the North American Continent.”

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