It’s Time for California to Go Its Own Way

California needs a broad-based movement for independence.

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There are several reasons for this.

One reason is financial.  We Californians DO have some problems to deal with, but one of our biggest problems is the billions of dollars that we send to Washington each year, while we get back in federal spending a bit over 60 cents on the dollar.  We can no longer afford to support the failed economic models of f the Red States.  It is a favorite right wing meme that over regulation in California is damaging the economy.  In fact the California economy is much stronger and diverse than most nations in the world.  If we just got back what we sent to Washington we could balance our state budget.

Another reason is cultural.  California is ready to move into the future.  We are ready to legalize pot.  We are ready to embrace gay marraige.  The demographic trends guarantee it.  We don’t want to punish Mexicans simply because they need to emigrate to survive we are not racists.  California is populous and diverse, with many peoples and languages. 

The third reason is political.  While much of the central section of the United States is embracing a Fundopublican movement we here on the west coast (along with some folks on the east coast and a few points in between) seem to have a Fundopublican movement that is shrinking rapidly.  So it is easy to see why we might begin to feel that we are a largely urban and educated majority population that is being oppressed by a rural and more uneducated and superstitious minority.  The evidence of this is clear in the Senate of the U.S. where small population states have far more representation than they should by any common sense.  Sadly this is a flaw in the Constitution that might be fixed by amendment but almost surely never will be for obvious reasons.

A few words.  Most people identify secessionism with either the South in the Civil War (and by extension slavery)  or in contemporary times with various right wing individuals, causes or groups, and this is true.  However there has been for a long time a small robust movement of leftist secessionists, mostly perhaps described as left-libertarians or libertarian socialists.  We put the emphasis on local control, local power to the people.  It is this context that we view secession.

Some contemporary right wingers such as the moron Fundopublican  Governor of Texas, Rick Perry, talk occasionally of “secession.”  Since both the Republican and Democratic parties are nationalist parties (committed to maintaining the union of the states) I can guarantee you that someone dropped a dime on the governor within ten minutes and he got the word to never use the s-word again.  While Democrats are nationalists, they are a bit softer on it than Republicans, who take it to the level of fascism.  They don’t call it the Federalist Society for nothing.

And for all you fine folks in Texanistan, Kansanistan, and North and South Dakotastan, I am fine with you installing your little theocracies, as long as I don’t live in the same country as you do.

So am I suggesting armed rebellion?  No.  What I am suggesting is that California can be divorced from the United States by the simple act of a constitutional amendment.  All it would take is the agreement of 2/3 of the states and we could be on our peaceful way.

If that seems like a hard sell, then consider an amendment that will simply de-ratify the Constitution at one stroke, and every state might then go its own way.  There is attraction in that idea even in the Antipodes.

have a peaceful day,



One Response to “It’s Time for California to Go Its Own Way”

  1. Cali Expat Says:

    Bill you are absolutely right on this. I’ve been arguing with folks about this for years. The way to do it is to unite liberals and conservatives in California on this and to distinguish yourself from the Dems and Reps on the issue of independence, not on ideology. The Scottish National Party is a good model to learn from.

    I think there is a big electorate for this in California if it’s done properly.

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