A Brand New Unconstitutional War – Obama’s War

President Obama has his own unconstitutional war now, to go along with the unconstitutional wars started by Bush.

The United States Congress is full of cowards.  Republicans, Democrats, no difference. 

 This is not a two party system it is two party fascism.

This is not about the Libyan revolt.  It is about the Constitution of the United States and the dereliction of duty of the Congress.

Obama’s Libya War: Unconstitutional, Naïve, Hypocritical

By Matthew Rothschild, March 19, 2011

“Our founders would be appalled that a President of the United States could launch the country into an armed conflict half a world away without a formal declaration of war by Congress, much less barely any discussion of it by the House or by the Senate.”


“The truth is that the U.S. is joined in its war on Libya by only two second-rank great powers, Britain and France, which between them carved up North Africa and the Middle East a century ago, slaughtering and torturing many Arabs in the process. Every other major power on earth (with the exception of Japan, which is not on the Council and has been quiet) opposed the Anglo-French-American attack in North Africa, registering that opposition by abstentions rather than “no” votes in the Security Council.”



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