Glenn Beck to Californians: “You’re Too Dumb to Live”

As I don’t own a TV I have rarely ever seen Beck except for a clip or two, of course I know who he is and his crypto-conservative leanings however this clip proves he is flat out nuts, obnoxious,  and a bootlicker for the nuclear power industry.  Or maybe this is his audition tape for a job at MSNBC or a gig at General Electric after Fox fires him.

Highlights & Lowlights:  George Soros, M & Ms, Tides Foundation, fear of bond market meltdown.

He is starting the spin for a bail out of the bond market.  The bond market “too big to fail?”  He is in the pocket of the big bankers, speculators and con artists.

And Mr. Beck if what is going on at six reactors at Fukushima is no big fucking deal maybe you should load your ass on a 747 and fly over there, grab the end of a fire hose and show us how manly you are.  

What a fuckin moron.


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