Report: Pentagon Detects Radiation 60 Miles from Fukushima

“Pentagon officials state that helicopters have detected traces of radiation over 60 miles from the two reactors.”

One Response to “Report: Pentagon Detects Radiation 60 Miles from Fukushima”

  1. Kym Kemp and her website are doing an admirable job of sorting and keeping up with updates in Japan for Humboldt County.

    Kym recently reported:

    New Hydrogen Blast at Fukushima; 1000 Bodies Found; Radioactive Particulates Found 60 miles From Japan’s Nuclear Plant:

    “UPDATE @8:46 pm: 3 Injured 7 Missing in Explosion at the Unit 3 reactor of Fukushima says Associated Press.

    UPDATE @ 8:15 :International Atomic Energy Agency says: Japan’s Nuclear and Industrial Safety Agency (NISA) has informed the IAEA that there has been an explosion at the Unit 3 reactor at the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant. The explosion occurred at 11:01AM local Japan time.

    BBC reports Hydrogen blast at Fukushima but containment wall has held. The video above (on Kym Kemp’s site) shows the explosion.

    New York Times reports: Pentagon officials reported that helicopters flying 60 miles from the plant picked up small amounts of radioactive particulates — still being analyzed, but presumed to include Cesium-137 and Iodine-121 — suggesting widening environmental contamination.

    Tokyo stock market falls sharply as Japan starts new week. It’s Central Bank pumping $85.5 Billion into market.

    Earthquakes continue to rock Japan the latest a little after 6pm our time. This was a 5.8. Here is a constantly updating map of earthquakes.

    Voice of America Bureau Chief Steve Herman is reporting that 1000 bodies have been found on Ojika Peninsula. He’s also reporting that a tsunami alert is in Sendai. Other sources say 2000.”

    Thank you for sorting through this information and keeping us up to speed, Kym. Your site rocks for Humboldt.

    Peace, everyone… it’s going to be a bumpy week… skips

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