LE reports 5 foot surge at Woodley Island – Eureka Scanner

from the scanner traffic here:


there is a report of a surge of about 5 feet at Woodley Island Marina just north of Eureka.  Also a report that Crescent City was “trashed.”   Both of these are from LE scanner traffic but are unconfirmed.

Report that water has breached hwy 101 near Freshwater but then receded.

945 AM water reported receding for 3rd time in Humboldt Bay, 3rd wave pulse expected shortly.

Coast Guard has two helicopters in air monitoring the coastline. 949 AM

1012 AM Report of flooding over 101 north of Trees of Mystery.


4 Responses to “LE reports 5 foot surge at Woodley Island – Eureka Scanner”

  1. Radio Reference is cool but they don’t allow tactical channels. We’re getting some crazy skip on our scanner today — we’re hearing weird stuff like CB traffic from Illinois.

    The best place to go for information in an emergency isn’t the web, it’s the scanners. (Unless you’re going to the web to listen to scanners).

    Hope all is well and safe.

  2. The skip today is outrageous – we’re hearing stuff from Iowa and Michigan. I’ve never heard this much skip. Something’s afoot in the atmosphere or something.

  3. Hello Noble,

    In the last couple of days there have been M class solar flares, one X class solar flare and one or two CMEs – coronal mass ejections. That will explain the skips and the auroras.

    NASA – http://www.nasa.gov/mission_pages/sunearth/news/News031011-xclass.html

    have a peaceful day,

  4. Thanks, very fascinating. I wasn’t even aware.

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