Emerald Triangle Seed Co.

This new company just popped up.  I don’t know for sure how close a relationship they have with the real Emerald Triangle though some of their strains look familiar.  Like always, this is FYI and neither a positive or negative endorsement.  By all means share your experiences in the comments and as always proceed with caution.

from the site:

“What can you bring to the table that isn’t already out in the open market?

Quality and stability. Our passion is focused on providing meticulous care and quality for our strains and to ensure genetic stability through using natures way, meaning we refuse to discount the role of a male chromosome in our breeding techniques and gene pool. We recognize the fact that 80% of the European market is femi, so we dont disregard it completely….BUT we still stand to the fact that regular breeding maintains long term stability…and thats what you can expect from us.

I know you have some really old genetics at your disposal, will you be releasing those?

Yes – variations thereof…

Are your strains from all over California, or just the north?

Worldwide – We have put alot of energy into collecting quality genetics from all over the globe. We are associated with alot of “oldschoolers” around the west coast who have also done an amazing job of preserving some really old genetic libraries. Here in this area people are much more generous with what they have…a community based on sharing and trading, which results in everyones prosperity.

Are all the plants/seeds produced organically? What methods are used to ensure no chemicals etc contaminate anything?

Yes – we pride ourselves on our organic techniques. Everything is grown in soil and is pre amended in balanced npk counts ranging from 5-5-5, 6-6-6 or 7-7-7. Additives we use are kelp, humic acid, simple sugars and compost teas.”



8 Responses to “Emerald Triangle Seed Co.”

  1. KushKing Says:

    it’s about time a Nor Cali company popped up.

  2. […] in April for Emerald Triangle Seeds. The bluebarry headband and the 707 Head band looks killer. https://highboldtage.wordpress.com/20…/#comment-7176 GS_googleAddAdSenseService("ca-pub-9888434945255495"); GS_googleEnableAllServices(); […]

  3. i cannot find Super Trainwreak anywear.

  4. I ordered about 150.00 bucks worth of seeds and am germinating them right now under CFL lights in Orange DIXIE cups. Out of 25 seeds I germinated 23 made it. I use LIGHT WARRIOR seed starter and water with a spray bottle for the first 2 weeks. That’s my secret. Also, soak the seeds in distilled water for 38-72 hours before planting 2mm below the ground taproot first taking extreme care not to damage the tap root.

  5. Also, once they outgrow their DIXIE CUPS (actually SOLO cups this time) I transplant them to 3 gallon Smart Pots made by ROOTS ORGANICS. I make my own soil blend. I blend together a bag of LIGHT WARRIOR, A bag of FOX FARM HAPPY FROG and a bag of FOX FARM OCEAN FORREST as well as beef it up with wood ash. For whatever reason the wood ash buffers the soil and gives you massive healthy buds. I swear by it. Beofre the Revolutionary war 1 of the main exports from the American colonies to Great Britain was wood ash as a fertilizer because their soil was depleted of nutrients very very badly.

  6. Poser Disposer Says:

    The guy above me is an idiot, Your secret, lol. Some secret man.

  7. Medical TopShelf Says:

    Met the dudes for a sesh, they’re legit anf the genetics are good too. Currently running the 707 and a couple un-released varieties.

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