Does the Eureka Police Department Illegally Ignore Medical Marijuana Recommendations?

A discussion at Safe Access:

“i didnt know where to put this, so i posted in access california also (sorry)
     I was arrested by officer aubuchon, of eureka police department. he found my medical pipe and 1/2gram of medical marijuana, that i purchased from a dispensary. officer aubuchon then tells me that this is illegal to have drugs or drug paraphenalia.  so i then told him that i am a medical marijuana patient, i have my prescription in my back pocket and my state card in my front pocket. they looked at them then laughed. waiving them in my face the told me haha we here in eureka do not recognize 215. several times the informed me that eureka does not recognize 215. i was then handcuffed arrested and placed in the back of the squad car, then taken to county jail.”


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