Arizona – America’s Rhodesia?

Arizona has come to me to look more and more like the country of Rhodesia, that failed state that was once a British colony, then declared unilateral independence in 1965 under Ian Smith.  Arizona seems to me to now be largely ruled by some white people who are on the extreme as far as xenophobia and racism, and religiosity  are concerned, and they exist on the border region of the white – non-white world like Rhodesia did.  The question now is where is Arizona’s Ian Smith and when will they declare independence and form their little white racist apartheid state?  Here is a refresher on Rhodesia (nowadays Zimbabwe) from Wikipedia and a key demographic fact about Arizona:

“Arizona is projected to become a minority-majority state by the year 2015 if current population growth trends continue. In 2003, for the first time, there were slightly more births to Hispanics in the state than births to non-Hispanic whites. Since then, the gap has widened. In 2007, Hispanics accounted for 45% of all newborns whereas non- Hispanic whites accounted for 41% of all births.”


From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

“Rhodesia (pronounced /roʊˈdiːʒə/), officially the Republic of Rhodesia from 1970, was an unrecognised state located in southern Africa that existed between 1965 and 1979 following its Unilateral Declaration of Independence from the United Kingdom on 11 November 1965. With its government based at the former colonial capital of Salisbury, its territory consisted of the former British colony of Southern Rhodesia. The state was named after Cecil John Rhodes, whose British South Africa Company acquired the land in the 19th century.

The landlocked country bordered South Africa to the south, Botswana (post-1966) to the southwest, Zambia to the northwest and Mozambique (a Portuguese territory until 1975) to the east. The state was governed by a predominantly white minority government until 1979, initially as a self-governing colony then, after the Unilateral Declaration of Independence as a self-proclaimed sovereign Dominion and latterly a Republic.”

” In December 1967 Barry Goldwater, Senator from Arizona and Republican candidate for the 1964 presidential election, praised Smith in an interview with Harvey Ward in Salisbury, saying, “We need more men like Ian Smith, I think, in the world today. We have too few leaders and I’d like to see him multiplied a little bit, and spread around.”[23]

“After taking office, Smith announced his proposed policies in full page advertisements in Rhodesian newspapers: “No forced integration. No lowering of standards. No abdication of responsible government. No repeal of the Land Appropriation Act. No appeasement to suit the Afro-Asian bloc.”[14] He was staunchly opposed to the British government’s insistence (see NIBMAR) that Rhodesia introduce majority rule before independence. Three days after becoming Prime Minister, Smith announced there would be no plans to bring Rhodesia under “black majority rule” in his lifetime,[14] later adding “or [in my] children’s [lifetime]”.”


5 Responses to “Arizona – America’s Rhodesia?”

  1. Very good analogy.

    I believe you hit it on the head.

  2. Rhodesia was a flourishing country with a bigger GDP (in today’s dollars) and higher life expectancy for blacks than its successor state of Zimbabwe.

    At the time when Barry Goldwater praised Ian Smith, there was only one democracy (Botswana) in the whole of Africa. Rhodesia — like the rest of Africa — was not democratic, but was prosperous and well governed.

    It is true that Smith declared his country independent from Britain, only the second person in history to do this after George Washington.

    Rhodesia’s failing was that the white government — although mostly African — did not understand the black culture, language or aspirations.

    But they were a lot better than the likes of Kwame Nkrumah (Ghana) Idi Amin (Uganda), Julius Nyerere (Tanzania) or Kenneth Kaunda who bankrupted the one-prosperous Zambia.

    All the above nationalized the press, banned political opposition and left their countries destitute whereas when Rhodesia moved to black rule, it had the second largest economy on the continent after South Africa.

    Arizona is in tune with the world, though this does not make it right. Most countries have tough anti-immigration policies: try moving to India, Pakistan, Burma, Mongolia, Saudi, Kenya, Nigeria, Indonesia etc etc.

    Certainly there are few nationa where you can arrive illegally and then live off welfare. In most of the world’s 200-or-so countries you’d be jailed just for breaching the border.

    As a Zimbabwean I welcome debate on my country’s past — incl the Rhodesian era — but one must be careful not to simplify it too much.

  3. You make Rhodesia sound overly racist. The truth is, Mugabe is more racist than Smith ever was. Rhodesia was the breadbasket of Africa. now its almost a failed state. There is still forced white farm take overs. Rhodesians ( now called Zambos if they stayed in Zimbabwe) were not fighitng against Blacks. They were fighting communism. You really have no idea what your talking about. Look at Mexico’s laws for illegal immigration. 10 years in jail. The US just deports people. A lot of countries still have the death penalty for it. How about you write about how there are major health concerns for illegal immigrants who come here. They bring with them things like drug resistant TB. TB was almost irradiated before the illegal immigration boom. That info comes right from the CDC. This is normally screened for during the legal immigration process. Africa is going though white genocite right now. Funny how you didnt mention that. Genocide Watch states that white people in South Africa and Zimbabwe are the most victimized group of people on the planet. I hope Arizona doesnt turn into a place like Africa where white people have to be afraid constantly. All races should have an equal shot at the pursuit of happiness. Im guessing your a minority of latin decent and you believe that Arizona’s laws are racially motivated and not an attempt to limit a federal crime. You also probably believe illegal immigration is a good thing. Despite what happens to farms that live near the border. You dont care that Americans die from illegal immigrant because in your mind its a minority that commits crimes. Look up the statics sometime of Illegals that are caught that have committed serious crimes in Mexico or the USA. There are even reports of racially based crimes committed by illegals now against other races. Why shouldnt illegal immigrants have to go through the same channels as everyone else to enter this country? All they are doing is screwing over the people that are waiting to come here legally.

  4. To be compared to Rhodesia is an extreme compliment. The Rhodies created an efficient nation where, by the way, blacks were FAR more prosperous, educated and healthy than those in ‘black’ countries. When Chinese and Russian-backed terrorists waged war against them, the Rhodesian army (comprised of mostly black soldiers) never lost a battle. Still, the small land-locked nation’s days were numbered when facing the onslaught of armies backed by big foreign powers so they gave it up. So now we have Zimbabwe…..20000 Ndebele (ethnic Zulu) killed by Robert Mugabe’s North Korean trained 5th Brigade, mass seizures of productive farms/equipment, the worst inflation the world has ever seen, the breakdown of services and infrastructure etc….

  5. sadly, i see the entire US slowly going the ways of Rhodesia …

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