Centennial Seed Co. – Colorado


“Our mission is to make high-quality, viable cannabis seed available to registered medical gardeners in Colorado. We wholesale our products to properly licensed dispensaries who then offer them for sale to their registered patients. We also sell seed direct to the commercial grow market, which includes licensed private caregiver-gardeners.

All of our seed is developed and produced here in Colorado. Every seed we offer for sale is germination certified and labeled in accordance with the Colorado Seed Act. The Centennial Seed Company is 100% locally owned and operated.


5 Responses to “Centennial Seed Co. – Colorado”

  1. I was just wondering , do your sell seeds to people other than just medical only??

  2. We review some of Centennial seeds on http://420.co Colorado medical marijuana news and information photos and fun!

  3. mbonds94@yahoo.com Says:

    My question is, do you sell to small or private medical licensed out of stae growers?

  4. Hello,

    I am watching you guys on tv right now. What can I do to sale seeds to grow centers in Austin, Texas?

  5. The Django and Further review is a up with a big thumbs down http://mypot.co

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