New Cali Breeder – OG Genetics

UPDATE:  OGGENETICS RAIDED ON 3/8/2011.  This was the “alligator bust” in Hemet, California, 2300 plants!

“OG Genetics is providing California Medical Marijuana Patients with high quality Genetics. All of our strains are 100 percent verifiable and have been grown through at least 5 generations. Our mothers have been very carefully picked for best possible phenotypes. We will be working with other well known breeders to bring new strains to the public. We specialize in Og and Kush Strains.”

Pure Afgan Landrace
Captin Black
Chem D
Green Crack
Madman Og
Alien Bubba
Alien Dog
Cataract Kush
DeadHead Og
Kandy Kush
Og #18
Platinum Og
Og Kush
White Widow
Purple Capo Kush

Og Genetics Exclusive Strains

Double Dead Og
Black Ice Og
Alien Dog x Headband
Purple Alien Dog
Purple Aliens


50 Responses to “New Cali Breeder – OG Genetics”

  1. OgKushGrower Says:

    Got the Black Ice Og for my last crop turned out bomb big yeild for a nice Og strain look is the best thing Ive ever seen covered in trichromes with bright pink pistil’s Im very impressed gonna go back to Rec today and buy the rest of there strains Thanks

  2. NOR*CAL*GROWER! Says:

    Drove down from cen* cali. called in advance stayed the night and could not provide me with any clones or seeds very unprofessional!!!will never do business again!!!!got the b.s excuse ooohhh i can not open THE grow room… the keys are with my buddy????wtf!!!!!b.s!!!!!WASTED MONEY AND TIME!!!!

  3. Took a four hour trip down south to meet Val from OG genetics and the guy never showed the first day said he was on a date but his morning would be free following day. The next morning he said he could not make it because he was in a dentist appointment? Then he had a B day party to attend? Then he had to wait till the evening before he could have access to the clone spot? Not sure what kind a business they are running but hotel, gas, food, and time was wasted! Paid around $500 for nothing. But a place called Farmacy on santa monica blv holly wood hooked up a couple of cuttings. True OG genetics.

  4. You got a free tray of clones and your still complaining dont know of any other company that does the same for there patients and by the way your True Og Genetics from the farm are probally super silver haze because we dont have clones there if your still not happy give us a call we will try again

  5. NIGHTMARE experience, Bought clones from these guys, had over 40 alien bubba clones that ended up being males, I am in a SOG and missed 1, now the majority of my crop has seeds, I have employee paychecks and other business bills that are affected by this. When I asked to have this rectified, first I was told that no one else has complained about male clones and they have sold 1,000’s only to find out later that they have had multiple complaints about recieving male clones. Then Val, tells me he is no longer working here and will try to help out, no contact from him since, no return calls. For a business that try’s to sell proffesionalism these guys are far from it. On top of all this half the clones they gave me unded up being mislabeled. I have dead head that is alien dog, and alien bubba that is dead head. I am extremely organized and do not typically get clones but this place seemed to be trust worthy, but from my experience far from it. Hope this helps.

  6. Just finished a round of skywalker og from these guys I think its kinda hit and miss cause I see these complaints on here but I have got bomb ass genetics from these and never had a problem so I dont know if they finally got there shit together or I just got lucky but I will be doing business again for sure Thanks Johnny

  7. So Cal Holistic Relief Says:

    I am on my fourth round of OG Clones and Seeds from OG Genetics. My yeilds have been “High Times Calendar Material” and my patients are Extremely Happy and ask for their strains specifically. I can’t keep up with demand thus I am looking to expand. These guys and their strains have done right by me and my collective through and through and I know of many others that have had a positive experience…..I am killing it, thanks to them. I usually don’t have time to write on these sites because I’m too busy being successful but I am compelled to write because my experience with these guys has been purely bliss.

  8. The Harvest Collective Says:

    I’ve been growing nothing but Og Genetics for almost two years since way back when they were rocking the blue dragon cuts and damn have had nothing but the best sometimes the clones are hard to get but well worth the wait I will never buy a clone from anyone but them never a single problem and Val has alway’s treated us with the best customer service possible. Thank you guy’s you alway’s have a customer for life.

    The Harvest Collective

  9. GotThatFire Says:

    Just finished the Pacific Coast Kush The best stuff on earth keep up the good work

  10. Green Leaf Co. Says:

    Just got a batch of skywalker can’t wait to get these babies in the ground and Johnny heard about the raid sorry to hear what hapened its like the salem witch hunts homie keep your head up and if there is anything we can do to help dont hesitate

    Green Leaf

  11. HORRIBLE experience!!! Their strains are NOT verified and the person I talked to was so RUDE. Not even gonna bother with these IDIOTS. Hello they were raided, that does not happen to LEGITIMATE and LEGAL dispensaries sooo you do the math…

  12. Cottage Co Says:

    I really wanted to get in contact with OG to purchase some clones but none of the dispensaries listed carry OG Genetic strains anymore…tried to email the address on the site but no response. They were raided? Are you still in business OG?? :/

  13. Better Off Without Them!!! Says:

    Anybody who has the balls to grow 2000+ plants at one location and/or have a guard-gator is obviously a douche bag and bad for our industry. Cya in 5-10 jackass.

  14. Aliceinunderland Says:

    I don’t think these guys are in business anymore…their site is down…come back OG!!

  15. Ed Valero Says:

    They got raided and shut down. Now no site. Sounds iffy to me. I hear mixed things about them. Kinda look like thugz but I will give them a try sometime.

  16. LokiGen Says:

    I have done business with these guys for a few months now, not the best business practiced. I was put off for two weeks, then one day mr.X called and said he would make up for the lost time, by giving me a few clone teens. Mislabel, one hermi, and two good OG strains. I kept the two discarding the rest, I have now started a inbreeding of the two, should prove to be a lucky mistake. It’s too bad too, because the guy I was dealing with was a very nice person, that tried real hard to make me happy with the problems I had. But the Gater Gaurd, ROFLMFAO! ~XD~LokiGen

  17. Black Flag Says:

    pot is dumb

  18. OG Bullshit Says:

    Ha these guys are some dumb fucking bitchez

  19. WERE BACK No 5-10 asshole permission from the court to cultivate what now Hahahaahahaha come get those bomb genetics

  20. Anonymous Says:

    so ur back huh,Im truly happy for the team honestly escaping with out any jail time is huge considering the facts.hopefully u can rebuild a good reputation with the people again.dont wanna hear about yall getting caught with a pack of lions gauding your stufff

  21. you know who Says:

    lol a good reputation?
    go get another 2k plants and see what the feds say
    you need to get a different lawyer if you are at this shit still. mine would shit a brick if i told him i had 2k plants
    and now ur back at it with more males and unverified genetics
    better stuff ANYWHERE in socal

  22. Wally Og wow amaizing first I had the smoke now I got the seeds cant wait to get em in the ground Thanks

  23. […] johnny is up and at it again watch out hemet lol…r-og-genetics/ and heres the thread ml was talking about…t-stash-32048/ […]

  24. Johnny needs to go back to Missouri , or Kansas, or wherever the fuck his fat ass fake Gangster is from and leave this game to the Cali natives who grew up here and know real OG. I own a club in the Hemet area and this guy is the worst excuse for a Business man as you can get. Never answers his phone, doesnt call people back, sells male clones to Dispensaries not just mine… and doesnt make it right.

    “BUSINESS IS GOOD” When you rip people off!!

  25. Hey Bret what dispensary do you own ???? in Hemet why do you keep taking shots at me I know every dispensary owner in Hemet and Bret doesnt ring a bell why dont you put the name of your dispensary and quit taking shots in the dark Homie

  26. Bret we will see if you respond if not im gonna assume you are well you know who but please respond the name and your dispensary will be dealt with accordingly cause I havent had one male complaint ever besides sf zoo guy which we dealt with ask him yourself every fucked up hater in the game like yourself takes that male story and runs with it but I might not answer my phone Im a busy man but I check every voice mail and text and havent heard any complaints

    Johnny Og Genetics

  27. Fuck OG you ghetto fuckers. Ya’ll look like a bunch of ignorant thugs, but then you’re in Hemet so no surprise there. Keep your trash far from my garden.

  28. Anonymous Says:

    I love Og Genetics !!!!!! Keep your heads up guy’s this storm shall pass Black Ice Og is the best strain around you guy’s are responsible for that dont forget it Ogg

  29. Og Genetics Thank You For the recent help

  30. just an observer to it all Says:

    I’ve seen it from the start and all the problems and heartache that’s befallen O.G. Genetics. it’s been good and bad through it all. All the stories you hear are mostly false and the media only adds to the lies. John is a stand up person not like one of his X-partners who will do anything to put the O.G. Genetics name in the gutter out of what i can only see as jealousy. Telling the law crosses the line though. I was disturbed to see the report from arcnet. DONT ALWAYS BELIEVE WHAT YOU HEAR, WORDS GET TWISTED AND LIES GET TOLD

  31. I bought 50 clones from these guys I had 2 die do to lack of roots I called Johnny to complain he said he would fix the problem 20 minutes later I got a call that he had a driver in my area if I was home and boy was I glad I was the driver gave me (4) two foot tall bushes of there phantom Og and a gram of Phantom Og the other 48 clones were the best clones I have ever seen and they took care of me better then I expected I will be doing business with guy’s again for sure

  32. Planet Of The Apes ???????????

  33. Bomb Shit like Mcdonalds Im loving it

  34. Look at their new releases Sick


  36. Got two packs of the Diamond Valley Og got them fast let you guy’s know how they turn out

  37. YEAH OG GENETICS IS COMING TO ATTITUDE SEED BANK CANT WAIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  38. WALLY OG BOMB ALL I HAVE TOO SAY GOOD NIGHT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  39. patiently waiting Says:

    Where can I buy Og Genetics beans been trying for almost a year please help somebody please !!!!

  40. Damn these boys keep producing some fire

  41. amused consumer Says:

    I know johnny thompson dudes a wannabe gun totin thug who snitches on his boys when they get busted. How you think they got away with the gator? Idk bout male plants but dude is not legit. He’s let his boy ben bond go down for his guns and he’s rolled over on other homies. I give him props on the gator tho, fuck ruger. O yeah paul his brother is a goon. Beef in your own city is bad for business homie. Don’t shit where you sleep.

  42. Bugle Boy Says:

    Who is Johnny Thompson? The news said the guy with the alligator and all the plants was John Donna so have all the other articles I have read on Og Genetics. These guys are probably the most controversial seed company out there. It sounds like all the negative coments are twards them personally but nobody has anything bad to say about their genetics. I was on weed maps today and seen a dispensary in Lake Elsinore had like 6 different strains of Og Genetics on their shelf I decided to go see what all the hype was about When I got there I wasnt sure if the place was open. I rang the door bell Someone answerd the door got me verified quick I went to the back and sure enough they had alot of Og Genetics
    nugz I wasnt going to say anything but because of all the Og Genetics paraphernalia in there and even the workers had on Og Ogenetics t-shirts on so I asked what was up with that alligator they just laughed and said try the Wally Og its dedicated to him. Then the bud tender packed me a nice fat bowl this shit was amazing but I was on a limited budget and since I already tried that one I wanted to try other ones so I bought a gram of the Area 51 and a gram of the Bloodhound Og. This place had the best Og I have smoked in years I dont know about all the controversy but as long as they are open I will be going back.

  43. Bruno Budz Says:

    I had the wally og the other day with a friend does any know where I can get this in the denver area ?

  44. All great strains Im smoking on the Bloodhound Og right now got it from Og Preservation Club grabbed enuff to last me till my crop of Wally is done

  45. I like his strains, but this is one of the most unprofessional people that i have seen, this guy is cussing people out on the page, saying homie this and that. your genetics may be great but your lack of education and professionalism will take you down. theres too many breeders around to think that you are a commodity. ppl hate to see collective that are unprofessional. and sorry but some pitbulls would have done the same as a alligator. thats just stupid. it seems like you like to think of yourself as a crimminal more than a freedom fighter for the industry. if you cant put away the rags than have someone else run your business tupac and maybe you wont get so much flack. all i know about him is what ive seen on these post and judging from his replys the whole wannabe thug thing definetley sounds true. “gangster rap died in the 90s homie” lol this dude reminds me of the parolees working at walmart with tattoed eyebrows and faces lol. And with all that said i would still get genetics from him because personally i could give a shit if he wants to play nino brown or not. but it is advice that i could give that maybe you should step back and handle the growing and have someone more professional handle the front end of the busisness. ” just a thought”

  46. willy juana Says:

    fuck all u bullshit ass mothafucka,s who talk shit bout og genetics or hemet john donna is 1 of the best grower an breeder that ive had a pleasure to meet his knowledge of cannabis is unbeatable an u stupid ass 1st time growers turned yer shit hermie so fuck u keep up the good job johny d yer honkey Willy Juana the amazing ganja tier

  47. Im running the alien head band and johny og i gota say they are fucken huge the stalk already taken up more than half the 3 in net cup they are fucken monsters i been growing for years and i have seldomly seen stalks this big in the aroe, now i dont know any of these cats i dont favor anyone of these cats ill post if it herms for shure but so far its a lil bit better than some of the genetics of more popular brands this far in veg lets see what the flower holds ill post back when im done.

  48. Bongstar420 Says:

    So much for actual breeding…Seems the order of the day is single crosses from a very limited pool of parents. Id sure like to see varieties that are subjected to commercial breeding standards that every other vegetable is subjected to. I look around a lot. Most of the stuff on the market is no better than the piss ant crosses I make which I would not sell because they have not been properly bred. An actual strain should take acres, years, and thousands of crosses with at least 10 generations of selection. Making crosses and looking for clones is childs play

  49. Wow LMFAO!!!! Everybody, please observe Johnny’s 2 posts along with the post written by OgGenetics. Look at the format in which they’re written……. no capitalization, long strung together sentences, no periods or commas, OG always written with a lower case g. Now take a look at the following posts written by: OgKushGrower, Big A, The Harvest Collective, GotThatFire, Green Leaf Co, Anonymous, Billy, Moon, Ricky, Chron, patiently waiting, A1, Bugle Boy, Duke, willy juana, and Thumper……… ALL of these posts are written by the exact same person!!! Since we already know the exact format and style in which Johnny/OgGenetics writes, we can unequivocally conclude that these posts are ALL written by Johnny himself. He’s literally written every positive comment on this page!!! This is truly the most pathetic business tactic I’ve ever seen. If this doesn’t give you an idea of how shady this guy is, then I don’t know what will….. Except maybe an alligator for a security guard….Wow!!!

  50. EDIT*….After writing my first message, I went back and reread each comment, and it would seem that I missed a few of Johnny’s fake posts. You can add JAY, Anonymous(#2), CaliCid, and WALLY OG, to the list. Lol, he decided to switch his style up a little with the CaliCid and WALLY OG posts, but if you look, they both have the same EXACT format and template, and if they weren’t in all capital letters, you would see the same idiotic giveaways that exposed his other 18 fake posts. This idiot is as dumb as he is shady. Oh, and looks like Attitude Seedbank got word of his shadiness/corruption, cus they don’t carry OG Genetics gear. I sure hope this guy’s no longer doing business, but if so BEWARE….. you’ve been warned.

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