“Wade in the Water” – Two Smooth Stones – Solstice Sessions

“Wade in the Water” – Two Smooth Stones – Solstice Session Liner Notes

You can listen to or download “Wade in the Water” at our myspace page: http://www.myspace.com/twosmoothstones

Wade in the Water is kind of an anomaly  for this cd – it is the only song out of 13 that is not an original composition.  It is an arrangement of an old gospel song, one that has been recorded by some of the greats of gospel music.  No way can I sing it like they can but I like to sing it, it is a song you can really wail on if you are a singer, you can really put it out.

The reason it is on the cd is that it is a song that we occasionally played out at gigs,  and our original concept for the cd was a double cd, one with a dozen or so covers and one with a dozen or so originals.  Silly me I ran into issues of performance rights so we had to shitcan the work we had done on covers (all except for Wade in the Water which is public domain) so we saved it from the wrecking ball. 

This arrangement is probably somewhat different from those you have heard in the past, because I am singing it out of memory from 35 years ago and when I started singing it again two years ago I couldn’t find any copy of it anywhere.  So now I know it my way and I can’t change it.  I was in a band playing the club circuit in LA back then playing bass and we had a singer who did this song very well.  I always wanted to sing it and now I am.

You can hear Jimmie’s blues influences quite well all through this track.  He used the Martin on this one.  I was playing my Gretsch (the one in the picture here) for this one, the Gretsch really grinds down on the bass strings like I like it.  Jimmie and I recorded this live with vocal, lead guitar and rhythm guitar and then overdubbed bass (Bill) and another lead guitar I think (Jimmy).  On this cut the autoharp makes its first appearance, played by Bill.  Jimmie adds percussion.  All the bass on the cd btw was Bill on Jimmies old Fender Precision.


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