Marijuana Seed Breeders – Cannabis Seed Breeders – Hanf Seed Breeders

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updated Oct. 10, 2012

Ace Seeds:

Actual Seeds:

Afropips Seeds:

Alpine Seeds:

Autofem Seeds:

Barney’s Farm:

Basic Seeds:

Big Buddha Seeds:

Black Label Seeds:

Blue Hemp Seeds:

Bonguru Beans:

Breeder’s Boutique:

Buddha Seeds:

Cali Connection:


Ceres Seeds:

CH9 Female Seeds:

Copycat Seeds:

Delicatessen Seeds:

Delicious Seeds:

Delta-9 Labs Seeds:

Devil’s Harvest Seeds:

Dinafem Seeds:

DNA Genetics Seeds:

Dr. Atomics Seeds:

Dr. Greenthumb:

Dutch Passion:

Dutchbreed Seeds:

Elite Seeds:

Eva Female Seeds:

Female Seeds:

Finest Medicinal Seeds:

Flying Dutchmen Seeds:

Freedom of Seeds (Spain):



Greenhouse Seeds:

Green Label Seeds:

Hemcy Genetics Seeds:

Highgrade Seeds:

Highquality Seeds:

Homegrown Fantaseeds:

KC Brains Seeds:

Liberty Seeds:

Limited Seeds:

Magus Genetics Seeds:

Mandala Seeds:

Ministry of Cannabis Seeds:

Mr. Nice Seeds:

Nectar Seeds:

New Era Genetics:

Nirvana Seeds:

No Mercy Seeds:

OG Genetics (California):

Paradise Seeds:

Peak Seeds:

Positronics Seeds:

Pyramid Seeds:

Reserva Privada Seeds:

Resin Seeds:

Royal Queen Seeds:

Sagarmatha Seeds:

Sannie’s Seeds:

Samsara Seeds:

Seedism Seeds:


Seedsman Seeds:

Sensi Seeds:

Serious Seeds:

Soma Seeds:

Sweet Seeds:

TH Seeds:

The Real Seed Company:

Vancouver Island Seed:

Vulkania Seeds:

White Label Seeds:

World of Seeds:

Yardie Seeds:

Zen Seeds:


5 Responses to “Marijuana Seed Breeders – Cannabis Seed Breeders – Hanf Seed Breeders”

  1. Mr nice seed bank -part 1…

    I thought this was outstanding, I added a trackback and thanks!…

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  3. Please feel free to link our site, we are the only breeders from Jamaica, selling Autoflowering Seeds and Feminized Seeds that are natural native strains.

  4. love your post, keep rockin dude! thumbs up!

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