Facebook for Stoners: Budbook.org



You won’t find me there, I’m not much into social networking and the paranoid should avoid it as well but anyway you can check it out, BudBook:



21 Responses to “Facebook for Stoners: Budbook.org”

  1. paranoid? No way! Remember when everyone was laughing at PayPal,saying that there is no way people are going to put their creditcard information on the internet? Look at PayPal now.

    Budbook.org its the same way. It is now the time for medical marijuana card holders to stop worrying and hiding.

  2. The owner, Jay, is a complete douche. He’s driven by the dollar and only puts on a facade of so-called “friendship” so people will buy into hit con-game.
    Then again, we are talking about a stoner, I’n surprised he got it off the ground at all. I imagine it was parents and parents-in-law that bank-rolled the operation.

  3. I like BudBook and having met Jay I can say he has been nothing but genuine and helpful to me personally.

  4. Dave, Do you know Jay? Have you met him? I have and he is a really nice guy with nothing but good intentions.

    What Con game are you talking about? Budbook is a free site for medical marijuana patients.

    If you don’t know what you are talking about it is best just to keep your mouth shut!

    Budbook is actually a great site for the MMJ community, all the members I have met have been very nice people. Don’t take someone else’s word about it (mine included) check it out for yourself and make your own descision!!

  5. bushdoctor Says:

    Driven by the Dollar? We all need survival tickets. Walk into any low income area and you’ll quickly find people are no longer communal. If he is like the rest of us you give a crap about people who genuinly do you, not a screenname. It’s pretty generous I have been using the site and I havent paid one penny.

  6. Lady Green Says:

    I joined budbook about a year ago just after I got my card. In that time I have networked with great folks, learned to be self sufficient in providing my meds and am now off of all pharmaceuticals, have learned to use these amazing meds in ways that are more helpful and less harmful then smoking and am now teaching others what I have learned. Having a place to speak about my concerns and ask questions freely has made this possible.

    The creators of Budbook make nothing off of it. Any monies made from ads and such go right back into the site. The work hard to keep it running so that the rest of us may benefit. I say “kudos to budbook!”

    You may want to open up your eyes a bit and look around. Some cardholders are like you said, stoners, but most of us are business owners, home owners, pta members, honest hard working folks. We just don’t do well on pills or prefer to not take them and medicate in a more natural way. I hope good things for you.

  7. Budbook has been a lifesaver for me. The people are kind, generous, full of information about marijuana as a medicine. Badmouthing usually comes from ignorance.

  8. NotPotNazi Says:

    TOTALLY run by Jay the douchebag! He is a spoiled college kid who will absolutely use that site to pull favors etc. He doesn’t really contribute anything to the community beside a place where he can meet and get things from others. And he reminds you of how thankful you should be for it constantly!

  9. i dont know jay, but i do know that there has to be some kind of bigger network than the clinics, and budbook is that. the state doesnt give out marijuana, dude…only the right to consume it. having a few shops on PDX does nothing to help people in southern and rural oregon – lets not forget the other states!!!

  10. I think the douch is the writter.
    I have know Jay since last year, and he has no real agenda but to help others build a community of people who are suffering a lot of pain and want the relief that marijuana brings without supporting big pharma.
    He has a separate job he has to keep in order to make a living, so this guy is’nt someone who is trying to make big bucks off this, but so what if he does? This country is about freedom.
    And some people make money off some really ugly things, like cigarettes and Alcohol, but I’m sure that’s okay for a person as closed minded as you appear to be

  11. well if your gonna just bad mouth jay maybe you should read up or atleast look at his profile on the site, if you did you would know that 1 he works at the nw resorce center in st.johns oregon, the resorce center is a non profit that helps out with the homeless by providing food and blankets warm clothing to those in need, he also helps people that cant find meds or if they need clones to start there own garden he’ll help them find clones. may be you should do your reserch befor you bad mouth some one you know nothing about…this just sounds like your jellous that jay is doing somthing to help people for nothing and you dident think of it to make your pockets fatter, and befor you say were all just stoners getin high and sticking up for something that justifies the use of mmj, not every one on the site uses. i dont smoke or consume mj in any way i only grow and take care of the plants for my wife and her ailments. the site is the best resorce for any one that has any thing to do with mmj. every one on the website is awesome friendly and willing to share what ever they have.

  12. Budbook is an awesome community, if you haven’t checked it out you should!

  13. budwhisperer Says:

    Budbook is a great MMP networking site. What con exactly is Jay trying to run? I havnt met the guy in person but look forward to the day. Budbook and staff are out there getting people in touch with one another that other wise wouldnt happen anywhere else. There is alot of negative energy towards the MMP. Budbook is full of people that are helping out the cause any way possible, wether its donating free clones or meds to a person in pain or they have a faulty grower. What ever your question is about the program you will find an answer threw Budbook or pointed in the right direction. Jays done a beautiful thing if you ask me, what have you been doing to help your fellow man?

  14. there are a fare share of poeple in this world who are drivin by money, but jay is not one of those people !!! I can say that because the young man has worked along side of me for acouple months now for NO COMPENSATION AT ALL.. Jay has done great things by creating BUDBOOK along with acouple of his friends. Those who do not have paranoid delusional fears have found great benefit from this informative site. My hat goes off to jay and the budbook family for caring enough to help the great people of this state. WHAT HAVE YOU DONE FOR YOUR NEIGHBOR ?

  15. StinkBuddie Says:

    All I have to say is if your a hater of something than just keep your mouth shut, people like you dave should be slapped in the mouth for starting rumors about someone you obviously don’t know! Budbook is awesome and I get zero bad vibes on there. PROPS TO JAY and the others who made budbook! I will be a member as long as its goin’! Get a life DAVE, all your gonna hear is about what a legit guy Jay is so stop all the hatin, smoke a bowl and calm yourself down!


  16. Jay isn’t the only one who started it. The two other people who actually created this entity worked tirelessly to provide a platform for Oregon Medical Marijuana Program’s patients, growers, care-givers, and activists. GrowUp and FreshBaked get no credit OR profit for designing, coding, and promoting Budbook because they’re not about that. Budbook is awesome and has given me infinite resources. Budbook let’s me be me and the respect from the community is incredible.

  17. Bud Savage Says:

    I dont know Jay, Dont go on BB, have my own site(shameless plug entered here), But it sounds to me like he may be genuine, after reading what people are saying. If someone on BB is a douche dont blame Jay

  18. The Oregonians are all going over to Oregonbudbook.com It’s even better 🙂 So if you are OMMP in Oregon come join us! ❤

  19. Make that Canna-connection.com they changed their name. There are over a hundred ppl now 🙂

  20. Foolmenot Says:

    My personal experience with jay and NW resource center was not a good one. As far as I’m concerned the life they lead in circle they lay with couldn’t be a better place for them. They are all about selling and making a profit. Any acts of kindness to the down and out are all profit driven.

  21. these groups of losers are just that…losers..two face and fake..stay away from them or lose money. Canna connection as well same groupd of losers

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