Things the Left and Right Can Agree On…..

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The Left and the Right need to find some common ground, and we need to do it quickly.  We will need to agree to disagree on some old issues so that we can unite at least in a limited fashion to combat the rise of the imperialist/bankerocracy/corporate fascist/corporate socialist system.

One thing that we may agree on is the need for some kind of general strike.  The general strike is used by people everywhere in the world (except for the good ole USA it seems) to express non-violently the PEOPLES’S DISTASTE OF THE GENERAL ARC OF GOVERNMENT AND SOCIETY.

Another thing that we may agree on are the ongoing wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and the apparent new wars being fought by US Forces and their proxies in Pakistan, Yemen, Colombia, the Philippines and Somalia.  It is possible that sensible people on both the left and the right can find convergence in organizing against the war,  the militarization of civilian police forces, and the military-industrial complex.

A third area of convergence may be the issue of legalization (or an end to prohibition) of marijuana.  Legalization is attractive to people who favor business, small government, privacy,  & free markets, while at same time is attractive to those who understand the compassionate use of the herb, its medicinal benefits, its spiritual benefits for some, its relative harmlessness compared to alcohol and tobacco, and the many economic benefits of hemp.

A fourth agreement may be found in the idea of eliminating the Federal Reserve Bank, and the direct government issuance of currency without interest.  There is support for this idea on both the right and the left.

Are there other areas where the right and left may find agreement?  Let me know!

have a peaceful day,


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