Union Pacific’s Double Stacks Means It’s Over For Humboldt Container Port Fantasy

Why?  Because the Northwestern Pacific will be competing with the UP of course, shipping single stacks by rail over a longer, and more expensive route than the UP.  The UP will enjoy a huge competitive advantage.  The only cargo that would be routed through Humboldt Bay would be dangerous cargo (too dangerous for populated  Oakland or Long Beach) like nuclear waste, military munitions, and bulk industrial chemicals.

Union Pacific alters tunnels for double-stacked trains to reach Reno

Union Pacific Railroad has raised the roof on 15 of its tunnels over Donner Pass in the Sierra, allowing double-stacked trains to cross the pass and go through Reno for the first time on the way to Chicago.

When the effects of the recession ebb, more trains could be coming through Reno and Sparks. Up to now, double-stacked trains have been routed through the longer and more difficult Feather River Canyon north of Reno.

Union Pacific spent about $2.6 billion in the past year to improve its rail system while business was slow because of the recession.



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