SSRI Antidepressants: The Biggest Corporate Scam of All Time

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In the 1970’s the pharma industry started research on a new class of drugs.  It seems like humans sometimes get depressed and Pfizer saw an opportunity to cash in on our misery.  They started experimenting with a class of drugs called serotonin reuptake inhibitors.  Basically the goal was to manipulate the level of serotonin in the brain with the underlying idea that people with more serotonin were happier and less depressed, and those who had lower serotonin levels tended towards depression.

The idea that serotonin is a hormone that controls your mood was the subject of one of the early studies that were the scientific basis for the later marketing bullshit after the introduction of Prozac, Paxil, et al.  Simply put, a group of monkeys were observed for a period of time and it was determined which of the males were alpha males (they got the best food and the most females to mate) and the rest of the males (losers in the game of life.)  Once that determination was made, the monkeys were killed and the level of serotonin was compared to the social ranking of each monkey.  The research suggested that high levels of serotonin correlated with “success” and lower levels with “failure.”  The alpha monkeys had higher serotonin levels.

The first thing that pops into  your head when you really think about it is of course there is no way to know what a monkey “feels” like.  There is a great big assumption here that monkeys that are “successful” or “alpha” are somehow less depressed or happier than the other less blessed members of the troop.  This is just scientific idiocy.  After all, don’t we all know some humans that are rich and successful but also depressed and suicidal?  Don’t we all know a few humans that are poor as a church mouse but as happy as a human can be?  Of course we do.

But then again, Big Pharma, and many therapists and doctors really don’t care how you “feel.”  They just want you to be able to get up in the morning and go to work.  If an antidepressant accomplishes that, then they call it good.  Add to that the fact that the average doctor in the US was gifted $15,000 a year from Big Pharma all through the 80’s and 90’s and you can see why doctors are so enthusiastic in prescribing them.

There is a deeper flaw in the original research though.  It is the assumption that the hormone serotonin regulates mood.  This is only an assumption with no evidence that it is true.  It is my personal opinion that serotonin regulates social standing in the group, that is high serotonin will make a person behave more alpha (dominant and aggressive), and low serotonin will tend to make a person  into one of the followers in the group.  That is the only correlation that is provable by the monkey study.  I am sure that big pharma was aware of this flaw, and that’s what makes SSRIs a scam.

Which leads to another problem with SSRIs that has manifested itself in human society:  SSRIs have been implicated in violence, mass murders and suicides.  The killers at Columbine were taking SSRIs, and there is a very long list of other killers who have been taking this crap when they went over the edge.

Well think about it!  Take a troop of monkeys with a few alpha males, some adult females, and some males who are peripheral followers.  We  may think that the alpha males are happy and the followers are miserable, but how would we know?  Now put all the “unhappy” peripheral males on an SSRI regimen to ease their “depression.”  If serotonin is as I believe a hormone regulator of social status and not mood, what you have done is create a troop of monkeys that are all alpha males!  This is a recipe for violence, aggression, and the breakdown of monkey society.

Don’t we see the same thing in human society?  The evidence is overwhelming that SSRIs produce violence and aggressive behavior in humans, at least some of them.  How can this be if an SSRI is nothing but a benign antidepressant, a mood elevator?  The answer is that people who take SSRIs start believing that they are the leader of the pack, to varying degrees.  This is also a recipe for disaster.  When everyone imagines himself to be a leader there will be no peace.

Chemically most SSRIs have a component phenylalkylamine that is the same chemical found in mescaline and amphetamine.  For this reason, and for the reasons above, I call the SSRI’s “designer speed.”  SSRI’s are basically a timed release version of methamphetamine.

SSRIs are addictive.  There are two obvious proofs of the addictive qualities of SSRIs.   The first is the fact that people often build up tolerances to the drugs, and the dosage must be increased.  Your doctor will look you in the eye and tell you that you must “titrate up” your dose.  On the street, drug addicts call this process something else.  The second proof is the heavy, serious withdrawal symptoms experienced by many who try to quit an SSRI.  These withdrawals are so serious that the Pharma companies themselves strongly urge people to taper down from the drug rather that quit cold turkey.  When your doctor hands you a free month supply of Paxil or Prozac he is hooking you on a drug, and it is an expensive drug.  Remember that.

There have been countless studies since the monkey study of course , mostly financed by Big Pharma, but there is overwhelming evidence that the studies publicized by Big Pharma have been cherry picked, it has been proven in court.  And there was a study just a few years ago, a meta analysis of hundreds of large studies, that proved there is really only one factor in improving the life of someone who is really depressed.   That is the “alliance effect” which refers to the situation where you have a therapist that you like and who you trust, and who you believe is working in your interest.  Nothing else really matters, not SSRIs or older antidepressants, not therapy technique like CBT, nothing.  So if you are seriously depressed find a therapist who will talk to you, and if you are lucky you will find one who really cares.

Most of the studies done in the last twenty years are of short duration 8-12 weeks or so, and most of the ones published by big pharma indicate that the pills helped people who were somewhat depressed, but did very little for people who were chronically or deeply depressed.  The reason for this is simple:  take 100 people who say they are depressed.  Maybe 75 to 80 % of them will get out of their funk with or with out the drug.  Swings in mood are normal, but they don’t usually last more than a few weeks.  You give someone your faux medication, full on in the knowledge that the patient will get better anyway whether he takes it or not.

This is fraud on a grand scale, Big Pharma is the perpetrator abetted by a greedy and gullible medical establishment.

My advice for you, if you are depressed, before you consider this big pharma crap, is go for a walk every day, talk to interesting people, and turn off your television.  Give it a try.

have a peaceful day,



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  1. Oh Bill…. It is so patently clear to all that you personally have never suffered depression yourself, because only one so fortunate would blithely prescribe treatment like: “.. go for a walk every day, talk to interesting people, and turn off your television…”

    Depression is not the same as having a bad day, or feeling down in the dumps, or experiencing ‘swings in mood’ as you so casually describe it. The most debilitating and exhausting aspect of clinical depression is that the person affected cannot feel motivated to “talk to interesting people” (NOTHING seems interesting when you are in the depths of depression, Bill) or “go for a walk every day” (when you feel utterly incapable of motivating yourself to even get dressed, never mind put one foot in front of the other to go outdoors) or any other simplistic ‘remedy’ so smugly offered.

    I recognize your tendency to be this intolerant and flippant because I too would have made similar inane pronouncements before I was hit like a thunderbolt with depression following my heart attack last year.

    Mental health issues are real, they are dangerous, they are demoralizing, they are debilitating and, despite your opinions, are not some fiction invented by greedy drugmakers.

  2. Joe Petrucci Says:

    Psychiatry destroyed my life. The writer of this article is 100% correct. Those who want to take psychiatric drugs for emotional problems, do me and everyone a favor and go ahead and fry your brain into a living hell. You deserve everything you get by psychiatrists and their drugs because you KNOW the risks and dangers and took it. My sympathies are to those who were never told the risks and dangers and didn’t want to be put on these nerve damaging drugs. Psychiatry is a pseudoscience and psychiatry KILLS!.


  3. Carolyn,

    I am sorry that you suffered depression. I have had three or four major bouts of depression in my life, and yes, I do know how it feels to be so depressed that you can’t get out of bed, not to mention talking to interesting people. Please read my post from tonight (Some facts about my life) before you try to diagnose me over the internet. I am not intolerant of people who have mental issues (like I do.) I am intolerant of corporate criminals pushing useless, expensive, dangerous and addictive drugs. Read the story of my life and then come back here and tell me how fortunate I have been. It is only the last three years that have been blessed, but its not because of SSRIs.

    have a peaceful day,

  4. One more thing Carolyn,

    I did not say that going for a walk will cure deep depression. I say that going for a walk tends to make you feel better, it costs nothing, and it is not dangerous to your health. Just feeling a little bit better is a victory, is it not, even if its a small one.

    have a peaceful day,

  5. Joe Petrucci Says:

    psychiatry kills. it destroyed my life. i now have permanent central pain because of psychiatric drugs i was never told the risks and dangers. i was coerced into taking ssri sntidepressants when i was young. psychiatry kills people.

  6. Bravo to you Bill I agree. Spent way too many years drugged. I am now off the drugs but not free of them withdrawal is very real even with tapering there are things like sleep and pain disorders that hang on a long time after the drugs are gone.
    I got help from a site called I was late finding this site and was already off the drugs 8 months while it is not perfect it offers a great deal of insight into the use side effects and withdrawal of these drugs. To offer some hope to those still taking them it seems most people do heal from the fallout but it does take a long time.
    The site is searchable so if you have an issue look it up. You can also talk to other people who have been thru it for me that helped me to make sense out of my expereince as it was the same as others I found there.
    Good luck to Bill and have a peacefull day:)

  7. Joe Petrucci Says:

    SSRI withdrawal caused e permanent central pain in my head that hasn’t gone away in 3 years. I now have no choice but to take Opiods to help stop the most intense head , face, and neck pains. It doesn’t give me full analgesic effect but takes the edge off the most excruciating pains. Psychiatry is a pseudoscience and has killed and crippled millions of people. This is the criminal handy work of psychiatrists with the intent to make you gravely ill and treat the side effects with prescription after prescription. There is no such thing as “mental illness”. Negative emotions are not diseases nor disorders and people need to stop popping nerve damaging psychiatric drugs to dull their senses of reality. This type of behavior is of “cowards” and the “weak” who are afraid of the reality of life and think popping psychiatric nerve damaging pills will solve their problems. They are wrong. Psychiatric drugs in the long term will ultimately kill the individual and twist their mental balance. Psychiatrists are the primary destructive force in our society which must be eliminated as quick as possible before they kill and destroy more people and their families. Many ignorants blame drug companies, drug companies are NOT to blame. The psychiatrists are too blame. And i’ll explain why. Psychiatry’s ability to convince drug companies and governments to pour billions of dollars into its practices is based upon fraudulent “diagnostic” criteria. Psychiatrists package various behavior and emotional characteristics and falsely categorize these as a “disease” or “disorder.” There isn’t a single aspect of behavior that doesn’t fall within the broad “symptoms” which comprise so-called “mental illness.”

    Psychiatry has literally covered every base with invented criteria. The migraine sufferer has a “pain disorder,” the child who fidgets or is overzealous at play is “hyperactive,” the person who gives up smoking or drinking coffee has a “nicotine disorder” or suffers “caffeine intoxication.” If you stutter, it’s a mental illness. If you have a low math score, it’s “developmental arithmetic disorder.” If a teenager argues with his parents it’s “oppositional defiance disorder.”

    These labels drum up business for psychiatrists. Drugs are produced to meet the psychiatrists’ demand. Without fraudulent diagnoses, we would not be witnessing the prescribed drug problem we experience today.

    ANYONE who supports the fraudulent pseudoscience of psychiatry/psychology and gets harmed by them, deserves all the pain they get. I don’t sympathize the supporters of psychiatry and their drugs. If one wants to be psychiatrically drugged, DO IT in your own privacy. DON’T come near my family, don’t promote psychiatry to the innocent naive public, and DON’T tell naive vulnerables to go seek a psychiatrist and get medicated.


  8. It is not psychiatrist who put a zillion ads on tv selling antidepressants and many family docotrs are giving out these drugs. I think you have a point with diagnosing every small thing as a disorder. However I do not agree that the drug companies are not the biggest part of this fraud.
    Now to help you out head pain is a symptom of withdrawal that can last longer than three years. The HUGE problem with treating your pain with opiates is this opiates raise the serotonin in your brain hence you are back to square one. Antidepressants and opiates together cause serotonin syndrome.
    I suggest you seek outher ways to deal with the pain actupunture physio not sure anything unchemical in nature that works. You may want to taper the drug you are on I don’t know asmuch about opiates.

  9. Joe Petrucci Says:

    The people who work at the psychiatric drug companies who promote, advertise psychiatric drugs on TV, magazines, medical journals etc.. are all psychiatrists. Family doctors do prescribe these drugs but who created the imaginary disease/disorder?. The psychiatrists did. Many people put blame to drug companies as the primary cause, but this is simply not true. As i stated before, “These fraudulent invented psychiatric labels drum up business for psychiatrists. Drugs are produced to meet the psychiatrists’ demand. Without fraudulent diagnoses, we would not be witnessing the prescribed drug problem we experience today.”.

    It’s true head pain is a symptom of withdrawal that can last longer than 3 years. My head pains are so severe from SSRI withdrawal that i got “central pain syndrome” which is PERMANENT. My head pains are so severe i have no choice but to take powerful Narcotics to dull the most intense pains, and that doesn’t even help 100%. All this central nervous system damage caused to me intentionally by psychiatrists to prescribe for profit. I, like many psychiatric victims was never told of the risks, dangers of a psychiatrists drugs and their method of diagnosing. I was young, naive, and intentionally taken advantage of. I was made into a psychiatric pill dispenser so other psychiatrists can prescribe nerve/mind damaging drugs to me, to ruin my health so psychiatrists can make money.

    I didn’t know Opiods raise Serotonin levels in the brain but this is correct. One centrally activating drug enhances the other. I’m now at this present time, at 1mg of just Paxil, and will be off by end of December of 09. I didn’t want Opiods but the pain in my head was so SEVERE i tried EVERYTHING and nothing helped besides the Opiods. I needed relief of the pain or i could have died. I resisted to not take Opiods, but was left with 2 feet stuck in 1 shoe. I had no choice but to suffer in agony and die, or take the powerful pain reliever to stop the pain. I chose the latter.

    Since i have CPS (Central Pain Syndrome) caused by abrupt cessation of 2 max doses of powerful antidepressants that were taken for almost 2 decades, i have developed a pain in my head no human could ever imagine. A human being’s worst nightmare became a reality.

    Central Pain isn’t like a migraine or a simple tension headache it is unrelenting SEVERE pain that does not stop and will not stop. It is for life. I must say to those who take the risk and see a psychiatrist and get put on powerful psychiatric drugs such as SSRI/SNRI antidepressants and take it for long periods of time and at high doses or even low doses, they are playing a game of Russian Roulette with their lives.

    If you read the history of psychiatry and study who they are you’ll be surprised that psychiatrists are not doctors but criminals hiding behind “doctors mantle”. A psychiatrist is the most dangerous person walking this earth. Psychiatry will be the fall of our civilization if it is not stopped. It must be stopped and the war against them has started now. There will be many more years and years before psychiatry is abolished, regulated, and controlled. I blame the government s for letting this criminal organization permit to harm the innocent public.

    I have 18 years experience with the psychiatric system, psychiatrists, psychologists, etc. I know them well. How they act, think, fraud and trick, coerce and control people etc. I can corner a psychiatrist and mentally break them down with the knowledge i’v gained. I will never be controlled and be “had” by a pseudoscience psychiatrist for the rest of my life.

    This world has turned into chaos. Psychiatry is the one causing it.

  10. I agree.

    In 2004 was the black box warning on anti depressants for the side effect of suicide. Since the cat has got out of the bag it has been turning into a 1000lb gorilla. 2008 onwards and even before, has scientific papers documenting how pharma drugs lke SSRI’s induce mania and psychosis (which is then diagnosed as a mental illness which needs more drugs).

    However even before that you have to be stupid not to be suspicious of something that from day 1:

    Claims a chemical imbalance but can’t define or prove it

    Doesn’t know exactly how the drugs work (I dont know exactly the co-ordinates of all the planets in the next galaxy but does that mean I know 99% of them or 0%?)

    Has over 300 disorders distinguishable from one another by a small handfull of hypothesis.

    There are only ever 2 reasons why something is unbelievable. That it is not true, the other because its unbelievable. Arthur Schopenhauer has it right with his quote about the stages of truth.

  11. HighBoltage, You speak the truth. I have had my mind destroyed by drugs. I was prescribed citlopram and xanax for sleeplessness that was attributed to anxiety over a second deployment in less than a year. I quit them cold turkey, and nearly died. Now I wish every day that my mind comes back, if not, I am better off dead. Chemicals destroy the brain.

  12. Sandman,

    I am sorry that they put you through that. I too was given benzos, read my post about my life a couple posts after this. I am not a vet but I do have extreme ptsd and my heart goes out to all vets with ptsd, it is inhuman and most of the “therapies” are inhuman also.

    have a peaceful day, Sandman,

  13. Joe Petrucci Says:

    MOST people don’t know what psychiatry is, what it does, how their drugs work etc. What 17 year old would think that what a psychiatrist says is not the truth?. Young people believe their doctors as do adults like we should. Psychiatrists have betrayed childen, teenagers, and adults. When i was put on psychiatric drugs they told me i had a so called “chemical imbalance disease” and the drugs were fixing and rebalancing the so called “chemical imbalance”. MOST peope believe this BS because the psychiatrist IS the doctor and we are supposed to trust and give our healths in their hands to be HEALED. Doctors are NOT supposed to lie, betray, and harm their patients. Unfortnately they do, and i’ve learned the hard way.

    Most people don’t know how the medical system works and put full trust in their doctors. BIG MISTAKE!. Doctors betray, cheat, lie, and will KILL a patient for profit, power, and because they can get away with it. Doctors are supposed to help people and have the patients best interests at heart. They instead kill and betray their patients. Most people dont know what psychiatry is and trust them. I know so many people who have been harmed by psychiatrists, who have been BURNED by them and speak out of the harm the psychiatrists caused them. They trusted the pseudoscience psychiatrist and are now permanently destroyed for life. Both physically and mentally.

    Psychiatry is a fraud and a pseudoscience CULT. It MUST be DESTROYED. All psychiatrists should be in Prison for LIFE!. They commit crimes against humanity and get away with it. Psychiatrists target the most vulnerable of society. Children, Immigrants, Women, War Veterans, Poor People, Etc. Psychiatric harm has occured because of YOUR GOVERNMENT WHO GAVE THEM PERMISSION TO KILL. STOP SUPPORTING PSYCHIATRY/PSYCHIATRISTS IF YOU WANT CHANGE AND BETTERMENT FOR THE NEXT GENERATION OF YOUTHS WHO WILL LEAD THIS COUNTRY.

  14. The Drugs before ssri’s were even more disasterous.

    Class action suit soon to be filed.

    finally solved
    you are kidding me right!

  15. the tca class before ssri’s were even worse except no one reported them.
    suicides were labeled as such and covered up.
    the drug went blame free….for decades.
    finally now…they have been caught

    families will be coming out of the woodwork very soon

  16. Joe you may be right I will do some more reading could it be they are in it together? You think?
    I was on these drugs for 18 years too. It has been a horrid time.
    Getting off has been the hardest long term thing I have ever done. While I do not know the term Central Pain Syndrome I have had severe head pain more than once including a lot of other brain experiences that are not head aches. I too took opiates and am not judging you in any way. However I had been in an accident and got addicted to codien in my 20’s and learned there that your body will give you pain to keep the drug coming. I am not sure I have any answers and will look up the term central pain syndrome. I have used to help me thru withdrawal and it could be that some there have heard of it you may want to ask them. I have no opiates in my possession and if I need them must go to the hosp. tho I usually do have some in case I need it I have been so determind to get free of drug traps 30 will last me a year. Please don’t give up looking for alternatives as the drugs are a trap. I cannot help but say just maybe this pain is not forever if you take a different approach. I have had a head pain that sounds the same when I quit other antidepressants cold turkey and it was hell and I went back on the drugs. I do not have it now I am 2 years into withdrawal again cold turkey as I was too sick to wait for taper tho I did try to taper first. Forever is a long time to have head pain I am hoping you can find an answer to this. Good luck.

  17. I initially wanted people to never take SSRI for depression since it cripples your body. But now I want every human being to take it so everyone will see how damaging the drug can do to the body and bringing attention to this whole mess and SSRI withdrawl syndrome.

  18. Lisa, the TCA’s were easier to get off than the SSRI’s. The SSRI’s are more potent and much more dangerous than the older TCA’s. But nonetheless TCA’s are very dangerous as well. ALL psychiatric drugs are psychoactive substances that work on the mind, the (Central Nervous System). Psychiatric drugs damage the CNS and body as well as the mind etc. This is the reason many people commit suicide because once psychiatric drugs warp ones mind and cause them head pains and body pains (Nerve Damage) there is no turning back. Psychiatric drugs are not drugs to be taken lightly. They are not like Antibiotics, Anti-inflammatories etc. They are drugs that damage brain cells and the Neuro-Net of the brain and spinal cord. Psychiatrists never tell their clients the risks and dangers associated with their drugs. Psychiatrists belong on a one way trip to Federal Prisons for the rest of their lives. I am suffering daily of chronic Central Pain that i take powerful narcotics called “Oxycodone” 20mg’s-30mg’s every 4-6 hrs. They dumb me down and make me depressed. SSRI withdrawals are the worst withdrawals known to man. Right now the SSRI suicides are trying to be supressed and hidden by psychiatrists but the information leaked and the public got it. The only organization who exposes psychiatry to the public for what they are is CCHR. There is no other like them. Support CCHR, they have saved many peoples lives with their adverts, Booklets, Magazines, and Documentary DVD’s. He who remains silent about psychiatric abuses CONSENTS!. So SPEAK OUT and FIGHT the CULT of PSYCHIATRY! and lets put these criminals BEHIND BARS! where they BELONG!. I’ve read that sad story of that poor woman who’s sister suicided from psychiatric drugs and the psychiatrist hid the crime. Its time for her to imprison that bastard psychiatrist.

  19. Susan yes they psychiatrists, drug companies, (The psychiatrists work in the psychiatric drug section of the drug company) and the FDA and GOVERNMENT are all involved in it and cooperate to kill people for profit, for social control, population control. for more information watch the Documentary by CCHR called “The Marketing Of Madness” on my website. Its an “EYE OPENER”. Beware of psychiatrists, they are criminals who kill, torture, and maim people and then blame it on you and your family when its THEM causing the problem with their drugs and pseudoscience diagnosis.

  20. I suggest you all watch all 3 DVD documentaries by CCHR if you want to know the TRUTH about psychiatrists, psychiatric drug companies, psychiatric drugs, the fraud, manipulation, the lies, the cheating, the murders etc. There are 3 DVD Documentaries you can watch on CCHR’s website or you can purchase them on DVD. They will tell you EVERYTHING. You will be blown away by the truth of this cult called psychiatry. Psychiatry has destroyed millions of families, killed millions of people. Its time to fight back and speak out and put an end to psychiatry once and for all. All psychiatrists and their supporters should be fed SSRI Antidepressants for many years at max does and then cut cold turkey and let them writher in holy agony. This is what psychiatrists and their supporters and pro-psychiatry advocates deserve. FIGHT BACK! STOP PSYCHIATRY!.

  21. For people trying to get off them, various methods put forward can be found here:

  22. Lisa, suicides and homicides on so-called atypical antidepressants (SSRIs, SNRIs, etc) are , as you put it rather well, “labeled as such and covered up”.

    A good place to see some of the extent of the horror is at

    It can only be ‘some’ as most drug-induced suicides and homicides are not reported as being related to psychiatric drugs.

    These drugs too continue to go on blame-free. It is as if regulators and the majority of physicians are blind to the horror and the ever-growing mass of evidence.

  23. A few good links that may be of interest:

    The first two links are those of an Australian forensic psychiatrist, Dr Lucire.

    The following link is to the website Let Them Eat Prozac by psychiatrist and professor of psychological medicine, David Healy, at University Hospital of Wales, in Britain, and it explores “threats to public safety and academic freedom surrounding the SSRI group of drugs” and more.

    And for anyone who doesn’t understand how drug companies and ‘key opnion leaders’ in psychiatry work together, this link gives some examples and many more if you explore the site.

  24. Update on my status: I have developed a disease called Idiopathic Intracranial Hypertension” and “Papilledema” from SSRI withdrawal that gave me EXCRUCIATING headaches and various neurological sensory pains in my head, ears, neck, eyes, and face. I WARN YOU ALL to stay away from psychiatric drugs and their pseudoscience fraudulent diagnosis and their nerve damaging drugs. Look what happened to me from taking SSRI’s for 17 years and being rapidly withdrawn when i told the psychiatrist to do it slow. Psychiatric drugs CAUSE BRAIN AND NERVE DAMAGE. Now i will have this disease for the rest of my LIFE thanks to psychiatry. There is no money in CURE but there is big MONEY in creating DISEASE and drug MAINTENANCE.

  25. Ron Biggums Says:

    It sounds like many of you really need to seek psychiatric help. Especially Joe Petrucci – as a doctor, I urge you to seek mental help for your paranoid delusions and immature/neurotic defense mechanisms. Psychiatrists are good people who dedicate their lives to easing the mental suffering of others.

    SSRIs, TCAs, MAOIs, and Benzodiazepines save lives when used correctly.

  26. Real doctors don’t diagnose people over the internet.

  27. Highboldtage, that was one absolutely spot on target response 🙂

  28. Ron Biggums, another mentally deranged loser who thinks he’s a pseudoscience psychiatrist with fixations to define “in his own laughable opinions” what “normal” means. These are the types of people you need to stay away from folks. SSRI’s, TCA’s MAOI’s Benzos’s etc.. all cause Neurological downstream Diseases as well as psychological damage thats irreversible. Psychiatry is a pseudoscience CULT.

  29. Joe P: I know from experience that it can be very hard, but try not to let people like Ron Biggums wind you up. Those people use well practiced tactics intended to get you going so that they can pick up on anything said in anger and then they use it against you. They are not worth answering, really they are not. Unless it can be done in a short, sharp way like highboldtage did – but that is obviously difficult to do if the message has been posted to you specifially.

    They show the cloak they are hiding under the moment they post a message and, unless you can give a great one-liner in a cool way, try to just let their post go over your head.

    People like that are not worth anything, they don’t matter. People like you are, and do matter. That is all you need to remember when one of those messages is directed at you.

    Wishing you a peaceful Christmas.

  30. Martha Rosenberg has written an item definitely worth reading called:

    “New Year’s Resolutions for the Drug Industry for 2010”

  31. Ron Biggums is not a psychiatrist he’s just some loser idiot pretending to be something. No pseudoscience psychiatrist ever involves himself in Antipsychiatry, they always try and avoid it as much as they can to not get caught when they are pressed for answers and interrogated. The name gives it away. What person calls themselves Ron Big GUMS?. Gimmie a break.

    Moderator/Administrator please remove this Turd for this premises as quick as possible. We have a trouble maker on spot here called Ron BIGGUMS stirring the pot causing controversy and trouble amongst psychiatric survivors and victims and those suffering the violence of psychiatrists and their drugs. This guy is NOT a psychiatrist i can guarantee you that 200%. Ban him immediately please. He is making things miserable for all us psychiatric survivors to share stories and talk amongst each other.

    Ypter, i already knew from the beginning this turd was not a psychiatrist because pseudoscience psychiatrists never involve themselves with Antipsychiatry for fear of being exposed, caught, and imprisoned for fraud, crimes against humanity, liability of use with violence with psychiatric drugs etc, and their license to practice terminated. I don’t let Turds like that get to me because i already knew he wasn’t a psychiatrist. Its some idiot pretending to be a psychiatrist. The only way to do something is to get the Administrator or Moderator to ban him off this Blogger. I’m glad i offended him because he takes psychiatric drugs and it threatens his future security. He’s afraid of the truth and thats what makes me laugh.

    You’re in for a lot more psychiatric drug suffering than what you’re in for now Ron BigBum. You will never be able to get off your psychiatric toxins. I got off mine, but you cant handle the extreme intensity of withdrawals and severe side effects because you’re a wimp!. On REAL warriors can get off this stuff like me and others.

    HOOKED FOR LIFE is Ron BigBums. lol!.

  32. Message to the Administrator/Moderator of this blog. Sir i advise you to ban this vermin called “Ron Biggums” because he is a trouble making troll who speaks nonsense, irrationality, and is here only with the intention to stir the pot and make other psychiatric victims feel bad. He is not a psychiatrist but some loser on the internet. He talks stupidity and makes no sense in any case.

    We all know psychiatry is a huge scam and that can not be disputed. This person is a troll and needs to go. I highly advise you to eliminate him from this blog. We don’t need people like this to speak nonsense, irrationality, and BS. We are trying to advert the public of the fraud of psychiatry and this person comes in with nonsense to provoke others.

    Please do the right thing. Ban him from posting on your blog. Thank you.
    Joe Petrucci

  33. justprescribedlexapro Says:

    At the encouragement of a counselor that I’ve only seen 4 or 5 times, I met with a psychiatrist who after a 20 minute evaluation of my lifetime of low-level depression, handed me two sample boxes of Lexapro. She told me to take 1/2 of one pill daily until she sees me in three weeks. She told me I have a disease. She avoided discussing the length of time I would need to take this drug, did not talk at all about withdrawl issues, and also told me to take a walk everyday!!

    I have taken two 1/2 doses so far.

    After reading all of the posts at this site — I think I should go for a walk and throw away the Lexapro.

  34. Its typical that a psychiatrist would immediately prescribe you drugs. Thats what they do 100% of the time. They are intentionally making you sick. I suggest you stop seeing a psychiatrist, ditch the drugs and find alternatives. Going to a psychiatrist is the most DANGEROUS thing a person can do.

  35. justprescribedlexapro Says:

    Thank you for your suggestions. I am going to try alternatives. Reading of many horrific experiences and unintended life-altering consequences is helping me sort through the confusion and apprehension I have about antidepressants. This site IS a useful resource. It helped me make a very important decision.

    Thanks again.

  36. I hope your decision is a wise one and avoid psychiatrists and their brain damaging drugs like the plague. Try alternatives and stay healthy. I been drugged by psychiatrists (with me not knowing the risks and dangers of their drugs) for a long time, and now i’m disabled with permanent physical/psychological/neurological damage. Do not become a psychiatric victim like me and many others. Spread the word about how dangerous psychiatry is and advert the world. This is how we can all make a change and get psychiatry shut down forever. Good luck and good health to you.

  37. justprescribedlexapro Says:

    John, et al.,
    I am VERY, very grateful to have so quickly found a responding voice for my concerns. I am aware of the alternatives (exercise is the obvious one for me) and will try a little more self-discipline before I trust my life to the medical/pharmaceutical/industrial complex that controls a good part of our culture. If I believed in GOD I would say “god bless you” or something like that . . . but I believe in humanity, and my faith in us in made stronger by folks like you who take the time to help others.

  38. First find yourself a doctor who doesn’t take bribes from Big Pharma. Not saying that yours does, but lots of them do.

    I posted my own real life experiences with this bullshit a few posts further on at give it a read.

    have a peaceful day,

  39. justprescribedlexapro: Thank you. I hope Alternatives work out for you and you don’t turn into a slave for the pharmaceutical industry and psychiatrists. I try and help the good people just like you. I want everyone to know how dangerous psychiatry is. People must know the facts before they get burned. I got burned at a young age. I never had a chance. Now i’m disabled for life. I live for my family and keep my faith in god. (I hope he’s out there.) My next life will be a better life. I know god loves me even though i suffer here on earth.

  40. Nema Aaron Safvati Says:

    I’m impressed with this. The thing about alpha males makes sense… I want to see a group of male monkeys put on ssris, and then see if they destroy eachother.

  41. Spacebunny 3,000 Says:

    Dear bill, my mom gets panic attacks. When she said she would go to the doctor so she could get the courage to go on a plane and visit my sis, I was hoping theyd just give her a damn Valium or something but they prescribed her an ssri I was so bloody upset. I linked her to your blog. I think you seem like a great guy.

  42. Great piece. It is a whopping scam. What is even more ridiculous is the appalling reasoning behind prescribing SSRIs for anxiety. It goes something like this:

    1. SSRIs help depression (no evidence)
    2. Anxiety and depression tend to go together (evidence, though no simple matter)
    3. If SSRIs help depression, and if anxiety and depression tend to occur together, SSRIs will help anxiety.

    Huh?? You have got to be joking!

    I have benzodiazapines. I also do a lot of exercise, eat well, have Omega-3, and various other things that help me a lot. I’d rather not have benzos but there’s a simple fact: they absolutely work. So hmmm, what should I do? Take an SSRI on the utterly flawed reasoning above, or opt for something that actually works? I’ll stick to the latter.

  43. Had a feeling from the start Says:

    The majority of my family (father, sister, grandmother, uncle and cousins) all take anti-depressants. Some of them have tried to influence me for many years to take these drugs and I have always refused. Most of them say they would not be able to function without them and that scares me. The hold these drugs have on my family is sad and I am convinced their more depressed now than ever before. Truly am glad I found this site. People seem to be expressing themseleves honestly here.

    Thank you

  44. Ever wondered why there is limited literature on the positive attributes of SSRI medication long term (10+ years) ?

    Because millions of people are out there , Loving life !

    This forum is a breeding ground for complaining negative depressives.

    People complain when they are down or depressed and not when they are happy. There are far more success stories than not – Welcome to the SSRI revolution ! Lap it up chaps because they are here to stay !

  45. Its year 2010. The cat is finally out of the bag. Psychiatrists and so called mental health professionals have been EXPOSED as FRAUDS. PSYCHIATRY/PSYCHOLOGY is a PSEUDOSCIENCE FRAUD. It is social control, it is dehumanizing and it is TORTURE. Let me make some points clear about psychiatry and psychiatrists and their drugs. (Note: These Are All True Facts That Can’t Be Disputed). psychiatric VICTIMS and families of psychiatric victims we have a choice. We either FIGHT BACK and destroy psychiatry/psychiatrists or we sit back and let history repeat itself as the psychiatrists kill and torture more people in our world. Since the dawn of man we have fought battles to win a cause., to win for freedom, to win for our health, and to win for our lives. psychiatrists want to DESTROY us. They take great pleasure in hurting people like us. Here are the FACTS:

    1# – psychiatrists frequently cause harm, permanent disabilities, death – death of the body-mind-spirit.

    #2 – psychiatrists frequently violate the Hippocratic Oath which orders all physicians “First Do No Harm.”

    #3 – psychiatrists patronize and disempower people, especially their patients.

    #4 – psychiatry is not a medical science.

    #5 – psychiatry is quackery, a pseudo-science which lacks independent diagnostic tests, testable hypotheses, and cures for “schizophrenia” and all other types of alleged “mental illness” or “mental disorder”.

    #6 – psychiatrists can not accurately and reliably predict dangerousness, violence, or any other type of human behaviour, yet make such claims as “expert witnesses”, and with the media promote the “dangerous mental patient” myth/stereotype.

    #7 – psychiatrists have caused a worldwide epidemic of brain damage by promoting and prescribing brain-disabling treatments such as the neuroleptics, antidepressants, electroconvulsive brainwashing (electroshock), and psychosurgery (lobotomy).

    #8 – psychiatrists manufacture hundreds of “mental disorders” classified in its bible called “Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders” (a modern witch-hunting manual); such “mental disorders” and “symptoms” are in fact negative, class-and-culturally-biased moral judgments for dissident ways of coping with personal problems and alternative ways of perceiving, interpreting or being in the world.

    #9 – psychiatrists, blinded by their medical model bias, fraudulently pathologize and label people’s serious life or existential crises as “symptoms” of “mental illness” or “mental disorder” such as “schizophrenia”,”bipolar affective disorder”, and “personality disorder”.

    #10 – psychiatrists compound this fraud by falsely claiming, without scientific proof, that these “mental disorders” are caused by a “biochemical imbalance” in the brain, genetic factors or “genetic predispositions”, despite the fact that there are no genetic factors in “mental illness”.

    #11 – psychiatrists frequently misinform their patients, families and the public by claiming that brain-disabling procedures such as the neurotoxins (e.g.,”antipsychotic medication” and “antidepressasnts”), electroconvulsive brainwashing (electroconvulsive therapy/”ECT”), psychosurgery (lobotomy) and other behaviour modification-mind control procedures are “safe, effective and lifesaving”. The exact opposite is tragically true.

    #12 – psychiatrists routinely deceive or lie to patients, prisoners, their families, and the public.

    #13 – psychiatrists routinely and willfully violate the medical-ethical principle of “informed consent” by misinforming or not informing their patients about the numerous toxic, disabling and frequently permanent effects of the neuroleptics such as memory loss, tardive dyskinesia, tardive psychosis, parkinsonism, dementia (all signs of brain damage), and death.

    #14 – psychiatrists routinely threaten, intimidate or coerce many patients – particularly women, children, the elderly, and prisoners – into consenting to health-threatening/brain-damaging “treatment” such as the antidepressants, neuroleptics, electroconvulsive brainwashing, and hi-risk experiments.

    #15 – psychiatrists frequently fail to fully inform psychiatric inmates and prisoners about existing safe and humane, non-medical alternatives in the community such as survivor-controlled crisis centres, drop-ins, self-help or advocacy groups, diet, massage, wholistic medicine, affordable supportive housing, and jobs.

    #16 – psychiatrists are sexist in frequently stereotyping women in crisis as “hysterical” or “over-emotional”, blaming women whenever they voice real complaints and assertively express their feelings and emotions, prescribing massive doses of tranquilizers and antidrepressants to disproportionately large numbers of women, and in sexually assaulting women in their offices and institutions.

    #17 – psychiatrists, particularly white male psychiatrists, are homophobic – the American Psychiatric Association (APA) once labelled homosexuality as a “mental illness” or “mental disorder” – and have used forced electroshock on lesbians, trying to coerce them into adopting a heterosexual life style.

    #18 – psychiatrists are ageist in prescribing tranquilizers, antidepressants (“medication”) and electroconvulsive brainwashing for disproportionately large numbers of elderly people – a form of elder abuse.

    #19 – psychiatrists are racist in disproportionately incarcerating and drugging people of African descent, aboringal people, other people of colour and labelling them “psychotic” or “schizophrenic”.

    #20 – psychiatrists routinely violate people’s civil rights, human rights and constitutional rights such as imprisoning innocent people without court trial or public hearing (“involuntary commitment”), and subjecting them to cruel and unusual punishments or tortures such as forced drugging, electroconvulsive brainwashing, psychosurgery, solitary confinement, “chemical restraints”, and 4-point or 5-point restraints.

    #21 – psychiatrists masterminded the mass murder of hundreds of thousands of vulnerable people including disabled children, the elderly and psychiatric patients during The Holocaust in Nazi Germany, and “selected” hundreds of thousands of concentration camp prisoners for death (“T-4 euthanasia” program) – historical facts still missing in psychiatric textbooks and histories.

    #22 – psychiatrists have willingly participated in and administered mind-control experiments in the United States and Canada since the early 1950s – its chief targets have been poor patients, women, dissidents and prisoners.

    #23 – psychiatry, particularly institutional-biological psychiatry, is based on the 3 Fs: Fear, Fraud,and Force.

    #24 – psychiatry is a form of social control or punishment – not treatment.

    #25 – psychiatry, particularly institutional-biological psychiatry, is fascist – a direct threat to democracy, human rights and life.

  46. I am on an SSRI tablet and was not prescribed by a Psychiatrist, they are now prescribed by a normal General Practitioner If it wasn’t for me being on this tablet i wouldn’t be feeling any better i would refuse to see a Psychiatrist though because they are evil luckly for me in Scotland with the community care act we have a choice over the types of treatment prescrbed and who treats us

  47. Unfortunately, big pharma is not in the business of curing negative emotions – depression, anxiety, etc. No, they are in the business of chemical engineering and making a profit and covering the problem up with mind altering drugs. If one wants to get to the real root of what they are depressed about, anxious, etc. find a competent therapist, ie. MA or PhD Psychologist or even a Social Worker or Counselor. Cognitive Behavioral Psychotherapy has a 66% success rate in teaching people how to think differently and thus change their emotions and mood. Also check out Emotional Freedom Techniques. After you learn how to do this, your done with your psychotherapy. With drugs, you have to keep taking them to get the effect for life. They are addictive which is why you cant go cold turkey without withdrawal problems.

  48. It always surprises me how stupid some people are. In your case its rather surprising that you were able to learn how to write and however taught you should be punished doing so.

  49. What surprises me is how cowardly and illiterate some commenters can be. It is proof that even a moron can have an idea.

  50. Nice thread necromancy anonymous.

    Next time you insult someone for being illiterate, you might want to scan your scrawl for glaring grammatical errors.

  51. PS that comment was for anonymous, who apparently doesn’t know the difference between “whoever” and “however.”

  52. Like a lot of other people. I was duped by my psychiatrist and MD into believing that these drugs were perfectly safe, and an effective way to treat my depression. They completely messed me up. I get angry just thinking about this.

  53. smoke weed everyday niqqa, I’m a doctor , medical doctor not a psych guy, lol I can’t even believe that psych’s can call themselves MD’s. No offense you guys suck shite at what you do. Non of it makes sense, there’s no real way chart a patients progress, its garbage and of all the medical specialties, psych is the most fraudulent by far. Also the DSM is retarded.

  54. i agree 25.000%,

    I was the happiest man on this crazy planet called earth till i went to some gp with a 1st medium problem that was a bit time consuming and absorbing for me, but what i really needed was a 10 min talk with someone older and more life-experienced than me, just by giving me some answer for my important life decision. I was prescribed prozac 20mg daily, after 2 weeks i became 200 times more happy, my actual hypersexuality went even 200 times higher and i was able to make love with girls 24/7 which was amazing :), i just wasnt able to reach orgasm, i’ve become much sensitive on positive things which i thought was not possible for me even before, because i was mega happy person without those crazy drugs. Bad thing was that those drugs inhibited a feeling of any possible guilts, all life-important matters were not important anymore, u just wanted to have a good time and etc. After 8 months i’ve decided to stop this shi tt, i’ve told this to gp and he said i can quit in 1, 2 weeks time no problemo, so i did, and i’ve almost died on next day…. Wasnt able to breath, i felt my veins inside my brain are braking and tearing apart, i’ve had huge blood pressure hiting my brain with hammer like….. After this stroke like experience i’ve become a zombie, i’ve lost my libido in 1 sec, not feeling my penis, disconnected type like…., i was feeling like…. human with no emotions and etc… propably PSSD, after 5 years of prison like life i still feel nothing, maybe a 5% of improvement, but still no libido, no feelings, no emotions, with 10 times smaller scrotum and penis, morning erections taken away, nocturnal erections also, less sperm count watter like semen, not even 1 sexual thought, only at night time while sleeping but those dreams are 99 % gone either, 1 dream with erection each 3 months max… Empty, pleasureless orgasms, huge problems to masturbate, with no need to masturbate anyw, smaller testicles also, no life energy, no motivation, no reasons 2 live, saddnes and anhedonia, pure zombie, im only my own family destroyer now, i bring sadness and no hope only, i’m close to finish all this dramma, living on the edge, seriously. My Tst and other hormones are in low but proper range, docs said, but i think they are wrong anyway, propably i will try to test this by myself soon, only last chance for , of course they were all saying it’s all in your head, i’ve read others similar peoples stories, i’ve never had any depresion in my life, never ever, no problems, good job, girls, cars, money, now all this means NOTHING. There is propably more to the story, but i’m just tired, tried wellbutrin dopamine, it helped maybe 2% but after 3 weeks blood pressure went sky high so i quit taking it, well known side effect. Tried TST before but only helped with better more muscularr look of my body, i was very muscular before fluoxetine, but after withdrawal i’ve became fat belly owner in months. Ok that will do i think :/.
    DONT EVEN THINK OF TAKING THOSE “SATANIC DRUGS”, BIG pharma wants your money 1st, after that they wants you to be dead, big pharma is a NEW WORLD ORDER member, they want to decrease population size, that is a hidden fact. Take care.

  55. There are a group of professionals (doctors mostly) that have recently got together and started a site called RxISK.
    Please visit the site – there is help and support for you there.

  56. This is a short video from the site I just posted.

  57. To VAL: You are not alone in this. If you have watched that short video, last message up, you’ll see that major problems are experienced by many people but this is usually dismissed as anecdotal rather than reality. Please look through the site, watch the videos, read the accounts. They are working to change things for us.

  58. Also very important is the petition for “All Trials Registered – All Trials Reported”.

    “It’s time all clinical trial results are reported. Patients, researchers, pharmacists, doctors and regulators everywhere will benefit from publication of clinical trial results. Wherever you are in the world please sign the petition”
    Thousands of clinical trials have not reported their results; some have not even been registered.

    Information on what was done and what was found in these trials could be lost forever to doctors and researchers, leading to bad treatment decisions, missed opportunities for good medicine, and trials being repeated.

    All trials past and present should be registered, and the full methods and the results reported.

    We call on governments, regulators and research bodies to implement measures to achieve this.

    The AllTrials petition has been translated into Dutch, French, German, Italian, Russian and Spanish. Please contact us if you can translate it into another language.

    If you would like to sign the petition on behalf of an organisation then please contact us. Data will be held by Sense About Science. Read our “privacy policy“ here.

    An initiative of Bad Science, Sense About Science, BMJ, James Lind Initiative and Centre for Evidence-based Medicine.”

    Please sign here:

  59. I have taken antidepressants for most of the past 17 years, always on a “low dose”, first Zoloft then Celexa then Lexapro. I took them initially for what I see now was a MILD case of situational depression, and then somehow continued on after that without any serious thought to how I might be permanently damaging my brain. Then again, my brother – an internist – was providing me with these drugs the entire time in the form of sample packs, and he never said a single word to me about getting off of them, how to get off, potential consequences of long term use, etc.

    Over the years I have tried several times to wean myself off, but each time I experienced progressively worse relapses of my “depression” symptoms, and each time I did the knee-jerk easiest thing to do – start taking the meds again. The last time was about six months ago, and it was horrific. Even though I almost immediately started taking the Lexapro again, for three solid months I experienced horrible anxiety, fear and panic. I could not sleep, and during the day I could hardly sit still. My ability to think and concentrate was severely impaired, and I felt utterly hopeless and lost. I had a brief respite after that, but now for the last month I have slipped back down into that nightmare.

    The difference this time is that the Lexapro apparently no longer has the same effect on me as it did before. Five months ago I briefly saw a therapist and a psychiatrist who predictably wanted to increase my dosage and if that didn’t work, switch me to another drug. I don’t want to do either.

    Considering that I have been back on the Lexapro for six months, but am still going through hell, I am so confused. I want to be free of these drugs, but I am terrified of trying again to wean myself off. I am afraid that they have damaged my brain’s ability to function normally. I don’t know if what i have been going through lately is the inevitable withdrawal process, or if it is a sign that my brain can no longer function normally without the drugs. And if that’s the case, why am I no longer getting relief by taking it?

    I really believe that these “antidepressants” have ruined my life. While under their influence, I see now that I lived very irresponsibly and made so many poor judgments. I was reckless and never gave a serious thought to planning for my future. Now I feel like my eyes have been opened to all that, but it is too late to rectify most of it. I look back on so many things I thought and did and feel like I couldn’t possibly be the person who thought or did that. It’s hard to explain.

    My firm advice to anyone who is considering taking SSRIs is, DO NOT TAKE THEM except as a LAST RESORT!

  60. I’m an orthopedic surgeon in Denmark. My wife’s a psychologist.The last 2 years I also have gone to a psychiatrist about once a month for a good talk. I’ve had a hard life. She doesn’t treat me with medicine, and I like her. In other words there are also good psychiatrists!
    But I had an occupational trauma 6 years ago where I “broke my back” and was physically incapacitated for over a year. I couldn’t sit down or stand up or lie down or get up because of pain.
    That depressed me, and maybe because my wife’s a psychologist I thought that maybe I could use some medicine for my depression.
    My gp put me on cipralex, but when it didn’t help she referred me to a psychiatrist who gave me Efexor(Effexor)/venlafaxine and increased dosage to 300 mg within 3 weeks. All of a sudden I was a zombie and my eye-sight was really bad, but maybe the drug made me less “depressed”.
    That’s a hard thing to analyze when all of a sudden your life is much worse in two new ways.
    I didn’t get any recompense for the back injury. After 41/2 months I lost my job. My eyes kept getting worse, but my back gradually got better and after 14 months i could drive a car for more than 10 minutes (not in snow, fog or rain). I got a new job at a really good place after about 14 months – where I still work and enjoy my work.
    My psychiatrist, back then, told me for 11 months in a row that my eye problems were the usual acommodation-disturbing side-effects of venlafaxine. Unfortunately he was wrong.
    When I started my new work, I couldn’t do the work very well with my new bad eye-sight and dropped efexor immediately. I couldn’t see any of the new modern computer screens in the operating room that were so important for doing an operation.
    When my eyes didn’t get better after dropping efexor – at all, I used my privilege as a doctor to get a fast examination with an eye-doctor friend.
    He found that I had severe, aggressive glaucoma, that I must have had for a long time, that had destroyed a lot of my sight. It could never get better again, but I could take eye drops the rest of my life to try to prevent worsening.
    Well, I, just like everyone else, have injuries or diseases I/we have to live with. And my present place of work has given me the best, big computer screen. I haven’t driven to work for years, because I can’t. I take the train.
    But in Denmark we have a patient insurance system to give patients a recompense for unreasonable negative effects of treatment.
    Before my back injury I drove 240-300 km every day. Today I can’t drive more than 10 km (6 miles) in very good weather.
    The work injury board concluded that I could just go back to work in my old job – which I of course couldn’t. That was their excuse for not giving me any recompense.
    Their conclusion sounded like a decision that I was a totally worseless person who was trying to steal money from them.
    I have one last chance for appeal to the patient insurance system which I will use.
    I am 100% sure that glaucoma, in my case, was a side-effect of venlafaxin.
    If they won’t accept that, then they have to accept that my eye symptoms have been misunderstood for a year before I got to an eye doctor who could telll me that I for a long time had had a pernicious form of glaucoma that needed immediate treatment.



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