Colorado Seed Bank – Overgrow Genetics – FYI

UPDATE Feb 3 2011.  The website for this breeder has disappeared off of the net.  It looks like a dead end to me.
the following is posted fyi – it is neither an endorsement or a warning.  please exercise discretion.  if I learn any more I will post it.
Welcome to Overgrow Genetics
America’s Highest Medical Hemp Seed Bank
We currently ship seeds to anyone with a Doctors Recommendation for Medical Hemp residing in a State where Medical Hemp is Legal.

Here is our current seed menu:

TGA / Subcool Seeds  ($75 shipped)

Jilly Bean

Jack the Ripper

Jack’s Cleaner II


Deep Purple


Space Queen

Agent Orange

The Third Dimension



Space Bomb


5 Responses to “Colorado Seed Bank – Overgrow Genetics – FYI”

  1. Do you have any feminized querckle seed?

  2. Send them an email and ask them 🙂

    have a peaceful day,

  3. That web site doesn’t seem to be working. I am after the Jilly Bean seeds. I am a NM patient and that strain seems to work for me very well. Any ideas on other methods I might want to try?

  4. Harborside in California (Oakland or San Jose) carries TGA Subcool seeds. Maybe you have a friend in the Bay Area?

    Or visit TGA Subcools website there are dozens of retailers listed in Colorado:

    have a peaceful day,

  5. may i order some seeds

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