Alvarez RF 300 Acoustic Grand Concert Folk Guitar

Alvarez RF 300 Acoustic Grand Concert Folk Guitar

I bought one of these yesterday at Fortuna Music Mart’s new Eureka store on Broadway  for $269.00 plus tax.  They also had some nice Alvarez acoustic electrics and a couple of nice Dean exotics but I really liked the sound of this one best.

So far I think it is a wonderful guitar.  It is not an expensive model, especially for Alvarez, in fact it is considered an entry level or beginner’s guitar in the Alvarez line.


It is a simple design but it has a solid mahogany top with a dark mahogany matte finish.  The intonation  is almost perfect and the action is great.  Bear in mind that I am no lead guitar player or even a folk finger picker, I am a troubador who bashes chords and sings.  I have a real guitar player (Jimmie) who backs me up and makes me sound musical.

This will probably be my carry out guitar for a while.  I play several times a week on the street so I use what I call “carry out” guitars for this.  A “carry out” or “street” guitar must be inexpensive, fairly loud, and durable.  A street guitar, because of the circumstance, must sometimes be used as a shield, is sometimes  rained on or spat upon, and it gets handled by lots of people who haven’t played guitar in a long time.  We will see how durable this one is, but it does seem to be well constructed.

My other carry out guitars that I have used in the past year include a Yamaha FG 403S (with a nice solid spruce top, a very loud dreadnought, very nice guitar) and a Crafter MD50/N (not quite so loud but very solidly built.)  Both the Yamaha and the Crafter were purchased at Humboldt Bay Trading for $100 each.  At $269 the Alvarez is a bit expensive for a carry out so we will see how that goes.

With the mahogany top this guitar sounds quite a bit like a Martin, but plays much better than the cheaper Martins that are on the market.  This guitar is probably the closest I will ever get to owning a Martin, since I am not rich.

have a peaceful day,



Folk Guitar with Solid Mahogany Top
Featuring stunning mahogany tonewoods, a rosewood fingerboard, and Acrylic Pearl accenting, the RF300 is a folk guitar that plays as good as it looks. This is an outstanding value in an entry-level instrument.
Body Style:  Folk 
Back: Mahogany 
Sides: Mahogany 
Top:  Solid Mahogany 
Fingerboard:  Rosewood  
Fingerboard Inlay:  Dots 
Bridge:  Rosewood 
Body Binding:  Multiple 
Soundhole Rosette:  Acrylic Pearl  
Tuning Machines:  Chrome Die-cast  
Finish:  Natural 
Electronics:  N/A

Folk guitars are a bit smaller than dreadnoughts and tend to project a much more articulate and balanced tone. This makes them ideal for recording environments. They excel as finger-picking instruments and travel well, also due to the smaller size.

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