August 9th Is Cotton Day

from Redwood Curtain CopWatch: 

As we continue to meet people, people who have been beaten, bruised, bloodied, deprived, robbed, and verbally abused by police- people who are living on the street- sometimes beat while sleeping- we know that not enough of us are organizing to protect, collectively struggling to keep the police from hurting our friends and neighbors.  The City and people of Eureka MUST not forget Martin Cotton.  Every one of the officers who fatally beat Martin in front of the Eureka Mission remains on the police force…on the streets… armed… and continuing their campaign of violence against poor people- with complete impunity.  Officers in the jail continue to severely abuse people behind closed and locked doors- where no one outside can hear or see.  The jailers continue to refuse medical care- even to dying prisoners.   Please come out on Sunday, August 9th- “Cotton Day.”

Cotton Day, August 9th: Remember Martin. Protest the Police Violence That Stole His Life.

Join Redwood Curtain CopWatch on Sunday, August 9th for the two year memorial anniversary of Martin “Fred” Cotton II.  Martin was beat to death by Eureka Police and Humboldt County Sheriff’s in 2007, and WE WILL NOT BE SILENT.

Meet at the Gazebo in Old Town Eureka at 12:30pm.  Gather and march with us in memory and protest.  We will begin marching at 1:30pm.  Please feel free to express yourself throughout the day.

[lunch at 3:30pm at Clarke Plaza]
If you can’t make it to the gathering and march, be sure to remind people of Martin Cotton- wherever you are.
Read  The Death of Martin Frederick Cotton II

See last year’s Resistance and Remembrance flier,%20One%20Year%20Memorial%20and%20Protest.jpg


“Cotton Day” Song of Remembrance for Martin Cotton II

Click the link below to hear a song for Martin Cotton by Two Smooth Stones.  Martin Cotton was killed by Eureka Police on August 9th, 2007.  Join us this Sunday August 9th in Remembrance of Martin Cotton and Resistance of the injustice system that took his life.

Cotton Day Song.

Here’s the link:


Redwood Curtain CopWatch: (707) 633-4493


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2 Responses to “August 9th Is Cotton Day”

  1. An injury to one is an injury to all.
    Thanks Bill for writing a song about this.
    I hear it is available on your new cd.
    Tell us how we can get a copy.

  2. Hi Tom

    Two Smooth Stones, “Solstice Sessions” is available at the Works in Eureka and Arcata, and will be in other local stores soon. (Of course Larry and I are having a little argument over the fascist rental inspection ordinance so we will have to see how our business relationship endures LOL)

    People can also get it for $15.00 sh/handling included by sending that amount to Bill Holmes, Box 3403 Eureka CA 95502. In store the CD sells for $12.00. We want it to be affordable for local people. The CD is produced locally by Bongo Boy in McKinleyville.

    There will soon be an electronic version of the entire CD available too, probably for $5.00 or so, and will be delivered by email. For details send an inquiry to

    If anyone in the world would like a FREE email copy of just the song Cotton Day then send me an emal to and I will send it out ASAP.

    Martin was a friend of mine. He was not perfect and neither am I. He did not deserve to die that horrific death.

    have a peaceful day,

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