Single Payer Pledge

Single Payer Pledge

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Those of us who are sane and not completely bought and paid for by the corrupt health insurance- health care – pharmaceutical industrial complex know that the ONLY SOLUTION TO HEALTH CARE IS A SINGLE PAYER SYSTEM.

We need to take a page from Grover Norquist’s book.  WE NEED TO EXACT A SINGLE PAYER PLEDGE from every Democratic-Republican candidate who runs for office, and we need to hold them accountable  for their actions.  We need to start right now.  2010 is next year.  WE CAN WAIT NO LONGER FOR DECENT HEALTH CARE.

Let’s get organized!

have a peaceful day,


Join the Googlegroup:

send an email to: and reply to the confirmation email, or go to the home page:

Or join the Yahoogroup:

Send an  email to:  and reply to the confirmation or go to the group home page:

You may join both and cross post as the memberships will overlap but the conversations will diverge.

3 Responses to “Single Payer Pledge”

  1. Tom Sebourn Says:

    The time is now!

  2. Agreed! Let’s push for single payer. I’ll be joining your group.

  3. Single payer is the only hope for reasonable health care for all of us. The road is long, let’s start walking.

    have a peaceful day

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