The Making of B.C. Trainwreck

The Making of B.C. Trainwreck


B.C – The Wreck – ‘Creeper’ Phenotype

Thus we commenced a project to create a seed line that contained these traits and we began with the acquisition of the Arcata clone, a S1 (STS reversed) and F1 out cross. Amongst a family of the S1’s we found a superb and most elite female, a plant with what can only be described as a ‘epic’ high of huge potency. This was crossed with the best of a family of Arcata TW x Aloha White Widow ‘98. Both of these lines where created by the breeder ‘jojorizo’ and shared with the world via the now defunct CW site.

Our target, during the course of the project has only been focused on the quality of final flowers, not on making identical plant phenotypes in every seed. As can be seen by the ‘creeper’ phenotypes that occur within the line.


Trainwreck:  A Humboldt Legend:


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