Cloning Cannabis Plants

How to: Make Cannabis Clones

23 06 2008

The art of cloning plants could be the most useful of all ‘indoor’ techniques. Cloning allows growers to make the most of every female plant and it’s a skill that anyone can master with a little practice.

Cloning Cannabis Plants

Growing from marijuana clones means that you will harvest more bud sooner. Many people who start a garden these days know someone who will give them a few marijuana clones for the simple pleasure of sharing a good thing. Some people sell marijuana clones, often growing an exclusively vegetative garden without ever flowering.

These clonemeisters keep a variety of select mothers from high-quality strains, and grow them on a continuous eighteen hour light cycle. They can make good money selling trays of cuttings, either rooted or simply fresh cut. Rooted marijuana clones are more expensive than fresh cuttings.


How to Clone a Cannabis Plant

Once you have a nice collection of quality marijuana seeds, the next step is of course, quality marijuana plants. In an effort to reduce your expense and time spent with male plants, we introduce “How to Clone Marijuana Plants” (female marijuana plant cloning).

How do I clone marijuana plants ? Tutorial

Cloning is very easy to do, alot of differant techniques are out there, bubblers, powders, soil to many really to mention. However this method is by far the easiest out there. The only thing you need is water, a little bit of light, and the little piece of plant you want to root.

 Cloning Cannabis

Taking cuttings is one of the most popular ways to propagate a cannabis plant. Often called “cloning” it is a very good method to get multiple cannabis plants that are genetically identical to the “mother” cannabis plant. Many people feel intimidated by the process, and are a bit leery to attempt “cloning”. If you are one of those people, relax, it’s a relatively easy process.

What follows are step by step instructions for a simple procedure that works for most types of cannabis plants.

How To Make Clones


1. Still too young to clone.1. Still too young to clone.CANNABIS CULTURE – Everything you wish you knew about cloning – from G. of Vancouver Island Seed Company.

Cloning is easy enough for anyone to do successfully, guaranteed. The information is everywhere: as close as your local nursery, or at your fingertips on the Internet. The first person to introduce me to the art of making cuttings was my grandmother, though my mother really entrenched the knowledge. My great-grandparents were farmers who earned their living off the land, and to this day I still associate the taste of a fresh-picked strawberry with the few memories I have of Nan and Granddad and the farm. The knowledge they learned while growing up was passed down to the next generation, both by tale and by example. The task my grandmother so impressed me with was simple gardening know-how for her – the ability to take one plant and make many from it. She would cut branches off a plant with a sharp knife, stick it into a solution (hers was made by soaking pieces of willow tree branches in water, a home-made rooting hormone) and, within a week or so, the cuttings would grow roots and become plants themselves. Cannabis growers call this cloning, but regular gardeners call it “taking cuttings”. Hey – asexual reproduction by any other name is still as sweet!



15 Responses to “Cloning Cannabis Plants”

  1. tom brown Says:

    all this praising and you never did explain how it was done by nana papaw or anyone?

  2. Guerrilla Says:

    The following information is for entertainment purposes only. If you try any of this while engaging in illegal activity, that it your bad, and you’re prolly going to jail, and I told your ass not to so don’t go and blame me.

    tom brown, here’s how it’s done, son, and this goes for just about any herbaceous plant pieces.

    Sterilize a box cutter with ethyl rubbing alcohol and let it dry. Cut a branch, cut off most of the leaves, leave the tip. Make a 45 degree cut on the stem with the sterile box cutter. Immediately dunk it either in sterile media like water/rockwool or biologically active media like composted bark mat/rapid rooter/coir. Wait one day. Any piece that wilted, toss it as it will die later anyway. If everything wilted, you need more humidity. Wait another 3-5 days and tug on some cuts. The stem should look sorta warty, those are the roots about to bust out. Spray it down with some rhizo stuff at this point if you have that. Wait a couple more days. If anything ain’t rooted by now, check to see if you have rot. If things are slimy and brown, throw the whole thing out. If not, just keep waiting. Eventually any cutting should root as long as you took care during that sterilizing the razor part.

    For size, that depends what you want. If you want pretty, cut a big ole hunk off. If you want efficient, cut everything down node by node and root every little piece of every branch. This is how people have trays with hundreds upon hundreds of slips, using all of the nodes.

    For tools, you can find everything you need at salvage and recycling centers, even the media. You want clean, but since you have to clean new equipment anyway, it makes little difference if everything is dirty when you start. Use biogreen clean to get salt residue out of trays if you need to. Big ass trays for cloning can be had at the salvage yard for pennies on the dollar. Usually you’ll find them in terrible shape since most people don’t know what the hell they are doing which is great for the rest of us. Listen to the police scanner to find out when they are busting up big grow houses as you can usually find most of their gear floating around salvage yards and pawn shops during the following weeks as these fools try to raise money to hire a lawyer after the fuzz seize all their cash. Check craigslist as well, most of the ads on there selling gear are from suckers who went overboard, got popped, and need money to eat.

  3. hippy420grower Says:

    Wen cloning from outdoors can u clone and have the rooted clone and put it back outside like wen u know its female clone it the put it outside or do u have to put it through the vegatative stage again? Or would it b ok to put that clone back out

  4. Once the clone has roots you put it back into the 18-6 hour
    and watch it vegatate,It needs to go back into veg state to gain mass.3-31/2 months and start pickin bud,REMEMBER to start yur new clones before you whack youe plant up

  5. Different methods have better success than others when it comes to cloning cannabis. I personally like using a fish tank that is blocked from light with floating Styrofoam with clones plugged in through cork stoppers with grooves cut in for the stems to reach the water. Then I move to organic worm soil to start growing plant to size.

  6. Hi,

    I really love your website and added it to my link partners page!


  7. Cloning is way easier than you all think Says:

    seriously people, cloning is so easy… your razor doesn’t have to be chemically sterilized… just wash it with antibacterial soap, preferably dawn dish soap… also you can use just about anything to cut it, including scissors, just make sure it’s sharp, finally after cutting shave the stock at the bottom just a sliver on most of the bottom 1/4 of the cutting’s stem, cut a small incision into the main vein of the stem, halfway in and less than 3mm long, in one or two of the shaved areas… now place them into a clean piece of sponge, some seed/cutting fine dirt, just about anything that is well aired, absorbent, neutral pH, and escape-able by the roots… anyway, now you’re gonna need a small greenhouse apparatus… buy a small dome greenhouse or just build one with sticks and cellophane, whatever just make sure you have a tray and a lid that are relatively sealed, air tight not required. put your clone/cutting into the “hot box”, another phrase for small greenhouse, and wait for 3-10 days, try to maintain a relatively constant temp of around 78-84 degrees F, and a minimum of 20 hours of light a day under 5000k to 6500K color temperatures, 6500k is the best, and use fluorescent of some kind for this, plants love daylight white, aka 6500k, aka full spectrum light. once your clone has pushed a significant amount of roots out of your cloning medium, anywhere from 10-20 or more visible roots, transplant to your growing medium, dirt… nutrients…. pearlite in a lot of cases… water… yahoo! happy vegging. for further info google vegging and flowering

  8. Cloning is way easier than you all think Says:

    oh, i forgot, the clone does need water in the hot box, not much, but some, before you put it in your cloning medium, rinse it with water, once in the hot box add a small amount of water to the tray and lid, best accomplished with a spray bottle, you want humidity and condensation on your dome, not too much, just maintain that humidity while waiting for roots

  9. Thanks, this is really helpful!!

  10. I have a small plant bout 3 weeks old how do i know if it mail or female

  11. well you can tell most time by how meny leavs you have btw.

  12. i cant tell if it has still to grow some leavs or what its on like 3 weeks old

  13. what is this phinning or finning iI am hearing about lately? something bout clipping top nod to induce branching…….

  14. do high thc cuttings show signs of the thc burn while rooting?

  15. hi, great site.

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