Cape Cod Wind Farm Gets U.S. Environmental Approval

Cape Cod Wind Farm Gets U.S. Environmental Approval

By Daniel Whitten and Catherine Dodge

Jan. 16 (Bloomberg) — The Interior Department gave environmental approval for a proposed wind farm off the coast of Cape Cod, Massachusetts, over the objections of Senator Edward Kennedy and other residents.

Final federal approval to build the 130 windmills, the first in U.S. waters, wouldn’t be granted for at least 30 days, after President-elect Barack Obama takes office. The Interior Department’s finding is one of about 20 federal, state and local permits or authorizations needed.

Supporters call the project, under review since 2001, an important step toward developing renewable energy. Opponents say it may cause radar interference to boats and planes and spoil the ocean views from Cape Cod.


One Response to “Cape Cod Wind Farm Gets U.S. Environmental Approval”

  1. Brian Casey Says:

    The Cape wind project is a wonderful thing and long overdue.These are exciting and challenging times for America. This country is going through a good cleansing and needs to create more enviromentally friendly projects such as this. I feal excited and totaly support our new President elect Barrack Obama. There is lots of support for wind energy in the Berkshires as well and I am proud to say that we hope too see turbines on our property in Peru MA in the comming future.

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