Goose Creek Road Humboldt County Marijuana Photos


Goose Creek Road Humboldt County Marijuana Photos

High and dry

photographs from “Honest Work: Life on a Humboldt Cannabis Farm During Harvest Season” by Dave Reeves, are now available online in the December 2008 issue of Arthur Magazine.

Goose Creek Road – Humboldt County October 2008

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10 Responses to “Goose Creek Road Humboldt County Marijuana Photos”

  1. Don’t be so harsh, Bro. I deleted your comment. If you want to leave a civil comment of your opinion of this pot, go ahead and try again. This is just an article on the internet, no reason to get way upset.

    Or send me some anonymous pix of your grow and I will post them. I won’t let people harsh it either.

    Have a peaceful day,

  2. I’m a child of the sixties, climbed to the top of the fake and unhappy material gathering world, now happily on my way back down, shedding those things that used to chain me to a “job”. Is there a legal or just not illegal way to make money growing? How about hemp, natures gift to us all?
    About the deleted comment above, people are sheep and fear what they don’t know, pathetic isn’t it? Thanks, Carole

  3. corey berk Says:

    everyone needs to smoke a joint. NOW!

  4. put me to work i love what u do

  5. Awesome bud…

    Where can I purchase such a product for a fair price?

    Those that sell in my area are expensive…


  6. Marty R Says:

    i think weed is harmless

  7. Hey man give me a job common?

  8. i have woked hard all my life taking care of foster children and supporting them as a heavy line mechanic and injuried my lower back and have had a few back surgeries and if it wernt for medical marajuna i would not even be able to get any quality sleep or be able to function at my regular job after i injuried my back i pulled my retirement account and paied for college instead of taking ssi disability and now am a medical technition but my back issues are threatning my livelyhood would like to learn how to run a despencery and countinue to help others

  9. god put it on this planet so why knot enjoy it

  10. Marijuana is harmless. Should be legal.

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