Linda Atkins vs. Polly Endert 2nd Ward Eureka City Council

Linda Atkins vs. Polly Endert 2nd Ward Eureka City Council


Dear Progressive Friends,

I’m writing to tell you about an exciting development in Eureka that should be good news for Progressives throughout Humboldt County. Linda Atkins has stepped forward to stand next November for Eureka City Council from the 2nd Ward. As you may have already heard, I’m standing for City Council from the 4th Ward. Linda and I share a deep commitment to stand up for Working Families and share bold ideas, a new vision, and a new direction for Eureka’s future (see Many of you receiving this email may live outside of Eureka and may be wondering why a City Council candidate like myself is reaching out to the County’s progressive community. If Linda Atkins and I win our respective races for City Council, we will join progressive Councilmember, the honorable Larry Glass and Eureka will have a progressive majority for the first time in over a century!

Eureka is the county seat and as such influences the rest of Humboldt County. Imagine what can be accomplished beginning next year when a progressive City Council takes the reins in Eureka. If you live in Eureka, you already know how important it is to set the city on a New Direction. Linda and I will be at two events together this coming week and I’m hoping you might be able to come to one or both.

  1. First Community Action Meeting: Sunday, July 20th, 6pm at Clark Campaign HQ, 322 F Street in Old Town, Eureka. Linda and I will discuss the campaign, future plans, and we’ll take questions.
  2. Economic Policy Rollout: Thursday, July 24th, 6pm also at Clark Campaign HQ, I’ll be concluding the first round of my “Going Local” Economic Listening Tour and will be presenting a bold New Direction for Eureka’s Economic Future.

If you’d like more information, or to RSVP, please call 707-443-3777.

In Solidarity,

George Clark

P.S. As you know campaigns don’t run themselves and there’s much work to do. If you are interested in volunteering click here. And you can now make an online donation on our website, simply click here.


3 Responses to “Linda Atkins vs. Polly Endert 2nd Ward Eureka City Council”

  1. Just exactly what will the Progressive Party Do To the citizens of Eureka and why is that cause for a celebration? How will the candidates Not be beholdened to the needs of the Progressive Party over the needs of the city? Can’t be done. Progressives have a need for an agenda because they cannot run on the issues themselves. Therefore, they bring no solutions.

  2. OK Anon, I bite, what are the issues? How about a simple list so us dummies can understand it.

    have a peaceful day,

  3. Well, let’s see now, the issues…A police review committee is, of course, vital. Let’s take officers off the streets so we can fund that. This one gets full gang member support and Chris Kerrigan too. Port expansion- let’s dam the bay and turn it into a kayak sanctuary. That’ll draw nothing but jobs, of course, and fill the city’s coffers. The unions will certainly see the living wage potential and long term prosperity in that. How ’bout a Kayak Guide Local #671?? And transportation-let’s get Critical Mass going here full strength, that’ll solve our traffic gridlock, not full blown traffic enforcement. Oh, and a tax break for tricycles too. And let’s not forget pushing grocery carts around- another unexplored mode of clean mass transit. Maybe a grocery cart expressway if you carry at least one passenger. Push Your Grocery Cart Down Broadway Local #485 coming up! More methadone clinics is another priority not getting enough attention, of course, and the West Side and Commissioner Sue Brandenburg eagerly await them. We also need to showcase the lifestyle homeless we are proud of, not help them to help themselves and acquire responsibility. And the local economy in general- chase any and all business out of the area unless it produces No Taxes for the city, “feels good”, and leaves no carbon footprint. Then, tax the heck out of all remaining taxpayers as the answer to our new “enlightened” economy. Brilliant! With all do respect, Bill, step away from the bong of enlightenment for a moment and understand the difference between “do nothing feel good” approaches and actual problem solving. A partisan campaign will simply fail in November as the citizens of Eureka are sick of the do nothing fighting and divisiveness. If I’m wrong, Bill, well load up a bowl of Progressive for me and hand me the lighter and a 215 card as I’ll certainly have an ailment to treat. Then we’ll discuss the benefits of hemp that have yet to be explored. Gotta hit the gym now and flex my chisled body for the hotties. Having fun politely sparing with you. May your bag of Indica always be full, your bong always at the ready with lighter handy, and peace be with you, Bill.

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