Humboldt Green Party Endorses Eureka Fair Compensation Act


The General Assembly of the Humboldt Green Party endorsed the Eureka Fair Compensation Act and a $10.00 an hour minimum wage in Eureka by voice assent on Saturday, May 17, 2008 at their meeting in Arcata. Social Justice is one of the pillars of the Green Party and I and the Alliance for a Fair Chance thank the Green Party of Humboldt County for their support.

We will work together for a brighter future for Eureka and Humboldt County.

Green Party of Humboldt County:

Vote for a Fair & Compassionate Wage in Eureka!

If adjusted for inflation, the minimum wage of 1995 would now be over $10.00 per hour. The people of Eureka have the right to set a higher standard and recognize the value of labor in our community, especially in the face of insufficient action by career politicians in Sacramento and Washington. This small incremental minimum wage increase to $10.00 an hour encourages more people to enter gainful employment, which reduces demands upon local social service agencies and saves taxpayer money. Raising the minimum wage will make small, local businesses more competitive with big box retailers.

Minimum wage earners shop local! Increasing their pay increases the prosperity of local businesses as well as sales tax revenue. Minimum wage earners spend nearly all of their income, making these dollars immediately circulate in the local economy, which means more successful businesses and more jobs for Eureka.

The Eureka Fair Compensation Act will mandate that our minimum wage workers share in a small way in the community’s prosperity through a $10.00 minimum wage. We will pass this Act of Fairness and Compassion and we will be rightfully proud of our city once again.

El Acto de Compensacion Justa en Eureka $10.00 per hour / por hora.

Ayuda a nuestro/a’s trabajadore’s!

Vota por un Saldo de Vida (living wage)!! $10.00 per hour / por hora.

El Acto de Compensacion Justa en Eureka
(The Eureka Fair Compensation Act)

Después de ajustes a causa de inflación, el salario mínimo basado en su estancia desde 1995 ahora fuese mas de $10.00 la hora. Levantar el salario mínimo alentara a mas gente a entrar un trabajo con beneficios y reducirá la demanda puesta en las agencias locales de servicios sociales. Levantar el salario mínimo ayudara a los negocios locales competir con almacenes de cadena (también conocidos como super-centros) . Trabajadores de Salario mínimo compran en negocios locales, el levantar de el salario levantara la prosperidad de los negocios locales y al igual los impuestos locales se levantaran. Trabajadores de salario mínimo gastan casi 100% de sus ingresos, estos dolares circularan y estimularan la economía con un efecto múltiples. El Acto de Compensacion Justa en Eureka exigirá que nuestros trabajadore’s compartan en una manera pequeña nuestra prosperidad.

Have a peaceful day,
Bill Holmes

Help for Eureka’s Working Poor:


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