Government Personhood

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If you are sincerely for deregulation in the marketplace then you need to remove all regulation against government entering the marketplace, don’t you? Governments have money I guess they are just people too.

Houseboats for Mixed Housing in Eureka

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If we utilize our marinas to berth some houseboats we could berth 1,000 houseboats there and grow the low income housing stock for Eureka.   1,000 houseboats in the marina = 2,000 new customers for Old Town businesses.   It means a houseboat building and maintenance industry on Humboldt bay.   It could be started right now.
A planned Sausalito.  Make sure there are nice boats and humble boats.  Mixed community on the water.
Of course there would be impacts on the bay, you would have to connect the boats to city sewer.   But you could grow the population and low cost housing stock of Eureka easily and quickly and create a whole new industry (houseboat building and maintenance)  on Humboldt Bay.  Without heavily impacting the land.
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Local Writer Mitch Trachtenberg Takes on Toyota in Truth Out

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“After the verdict but before the jury could decide on punitive damages, Toyota decided to settle this case and a large set of outstanding sudden-acceleration cases. The reason Toyota became anxious to settle may have been the expert testimony of Michael Barr, an embedded software systems expert who had been allowed to examine the source code of Toyota’s engine-control system and who found terrible problems with the system’s design. The problems, said Barr, made it theoretically possible that a software failure would both trap the throttle in a wide open position and disable the very systems that should notice the problem. Perhaps worse for Toyota, Barr found many problems throughout the software, any one of which would indicate shoddy engineering practice.?”

Mitch Trachtenberg is a freelance writer and computer programmer. He lives in Trinidad, California.

Books Are History

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my thoughts are that the printed book business is in trouble (well pretty much history) and these are the laments of a buggy whip maker in 1920.
I love books but I haven’t read one since 2004.  My last one was a paperback Nero Wolfe novel.  Not a bad way to break my habit.  I used to read tons of books from the time I was six and learned to read.  I read em all.   I used to own a library, over 1,000 hardbacks and a bunch of paperbacks.
The problem is the internet is so much more efficient.  I am a genius for better or worse and I need information the way a fish needs water.   I can get a lot ROI by using the net.  I have the capability of researching as deeply as I wish, even if most other people can’t.   That’s the way its been for 10,000 years.   The internet is just a case of a rising tide lifting all boats.   Some one like you or me has access to by now 99.99 % of the accumulated wisdom of man and womyn kind over 100,000 years.    The average gum chewing Joe or Josephine doesn’t, but he or she does have more general info about the world around them than Galileo did just a few hundred years ago.   I am good with that.
I think that we are experiencing evolution.   Humans born after the internet will be a different species from those of us born before.   A thousand years from now year zero will denote the invention of the net, not the birth of a religious figure.   Things change.
I think what is going on is that a world language is being created.  It is a fusion of alphabetic linear languages like English, French, Hindu and ideographic languages like Chinese and Korean.   Think smiley face, emoticons, and corporate logos.  And its dense.  Its fucking dense language, not much white space is there?
have a peaceful day,
ps  I think we need books.  It is the book “business” that no longer makes sense.

Nevada Rancher in Stand Off with Feds, Threatens “Range War”

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A Nevada rancher’s threat to wage a “range war” with the Bureau of Land Management precipitated a standoff today between supporters of the embattled rancher, Cliven Bundy, and federal law enforcement officials.

Bundy posted a statement on the Bundy Ranch website on Sunday night saying: “They have my cattle and now they have one of my boys. Range War begins tomorrow.”


By noon today Nevada time, about 300 supporters had assembled, a Bundy spokesman, Dwayne Magoon, told ABC News.’

Seroquel Linked to Military Suicides

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The suicide trend among American troops and veterans is repeating itself. But are the reasons behind today’s military suicides different than what happened after the US left Vietnam?

A growing number of soldier advocates, mostly parents of deceased soldiers, have tried to tell the military and Congress what may be behind today’s suicide surge.

Some believe the military and the VA are over medicating troops and veterans with a combination of antidepressants and antipsychotics. This is a drug cocktail that has tragic side effects, such as sudden cardiac arrest, and because the military and Big Pharma are desperate to keep these side effects a secret, a convenient explanation to get both off the hook is “suicide.”

Stan White, a retired assistant principle from West Virginia, has lost two sons to war during the past decade. His eldest son Robert died in combat; his son Andrew made it home, but died suddenly in his sleep. The father remains patriotic, but this doesn’t mean he is blindly devoted to those who ordered his sons to war.

He believes the politicians who sent Robert and Andrew to Afghanistan and Iraq are sold-out to the London-based pharmaceutical giant AstraZeneca, which has convinced the military to treat post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) with the antipsychotic Seroquel. White claims Seroquel, when prescribed with antidepressants, is a dangerous mix that killed his son Andrew and continues to kill American troops and veterans.

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The Excess Energy Tax is Economic Suicide for Humboldt County – Turn Out the Lights

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Yesterday I sent you my analysis from 2012 about the Arcata excess energy tax.
A couple of months ago I sat in a room with a genius who schooled me about the importance of building resilient communities through the concept of import substitution.
This is a nice way of building local economies by identifying things that are used locally but imported and then substituting if possible locally manufactured goods for the imported ones.
Now there is this proposal for an “excess energy tax” which is being sold county wide as an environmental issue.
What it is economically is, is “export substitution”, it is the hollowing out of our local economy.    It is the exact opposite of “import substitution.”
Lets assume that there are 1.000 indoor growers in Humboldt now.   After the tax, these people will leave.  They will sell their houses and relocate to another county or state.   Real estate values will drop by at least 10%.
But the most pernicious aspect is that we will turn a net positive inflow of dollars into a negative flow out of Humboldt County.   These indoor growers (I call them cottage industries)  produce a product that is both exported and used here.   After the tax they will be located elsewhere, but we will still be buying their product.   It will have gone from being a domestic product to an imported product.
And of course we will lose the direct inputs of these people and businesses into our local economies.
I get it that indoor growing uses electricity.   What kind of jobs do you propose for these people to do that pay $15 or more an hour and that don’t use electricity?  Factories consume electricity!  How many new little businesses will you have to “incubate” in Eureka, Arcata, Fortuna etc. etc to make up for the loss of 1,000 REAL small businesses, and where will that incubation money come from?
The only way that Humboldt to make up for this small business exodus would be for the big pot growers out in the sticks to ramp up their production.  Of course that could have disastrous  effects in the fragile countryside here and accomplish nothing as far as carbon loading on the planet.  Because the indoor growers will be growing in the next county or state.  That would solve the import/export imbalance but the big pot grows don’t provide any ownership or benefits to their workers besides agricultural jobs and trim jobs, all non-union and many of them low paying now.   This is not the old mom and pop days when family and a few close friends were invited over to trim the 10 plant harvest.  The same income inequality emerges.   Let’s get real.
These small business people, these entrepreneurs are my friends along with the working poor.   What am I going to say to them if I support a tax that will put them out of business?  How do you expect people in the city to make a living?  Working at Walmart?  We don’t all have 20 acres on a hilltop to grow fine sun buds.
And as a patient, a consumer of cannabis, you must know that I buy mostly from local small growers.  I can’t afford your fancy sun buds grown in Sohum or Mendo.  Those are all grown for export to LA and NY.   We cant afford that shit and its not offered to us on the streets of Eureka, where there is still no dispensary!  As a patient, we want more production to drive these ridiculous prices down, especially on the local market.
So this tax will impact us poor consumers here greatly.  As far as I am concerned this is a non starter and needs to be re-thunk.
So my question is.   What are you all thinking?
I understand the need to reduce carbon loading.  I get it that people don’t like grows in their residential neighborhood.  As an advocate for poor people I really get it that housing stock should be for people not manufacturing.   We have industrial areas of Eureka sitting abandoned.   Lets put the grows there if we don’t want them in the neighborhoods.
If you insist on this tax without accommodating real small business by moving them to the industrial areas you risk losing the support of several thousand locals whose living depends on small scale cannabis production.
have a peaceful day,

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