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4/20 Is On Easter Sunday This Year! Stroll The Boardwalk for Herbal Freedom!

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We gather in the afternoon around 3 pm or so at the foot of F st. on the Eureka Boardwalk.

At 4:20 we will stroll the Boardwalk between F and C Streets for Herbal Freedom.

Bring your signs or we will have some.  Bring some green cloth streamers.

This will be a big tent pro cannabis rally for all users of the herb cannabis and other herbs.

We honor all four uses of cannabis – spiritual, industrial, medicinal and recreational.
Below you will find some banners you can print and some information and pics from last years Stroll for Herbal Freedom.
have a peaceful day,

Organize a 420 Event in Your Town!


420 Walk for Herbal Freedom, Eureka Boardwalk, 2013

4/20/2014 Is Easter Sunday!

One idea we found effective last year was to tear some two or three foot bright green cloth streamers out of bolt end cloth, and tied them to fences, posts and trees.   They flutter nicely in the breeze.  I collected ours for re use this year.

Herbal Rights, Medicinal Rights, Constituti​onal Rights, Human Rights, the Commons of Humanity

The War on Cannabis is Unconstitutional, Your Constitutional Right to Cannabis

You and I have a Constitutional Right to grow, to possess, and to consume cannabis sativa and its variants.

Really you do.

I have pointed out to people in debates for years that it says right in the Constitution that you have a right to grow, possess, and yes! smoke cannabis sativa if you so choose. These people (some of them are well meaning but just ignorant) challenge me to point out the words in the Constitution that guarantee me the right to use cannabis sativa.

I tell them it is right there, right next to the words that guarantee them the right to manufacture, possess and consume alcohol. It’s right there, can’t you see it? Of course you can.

Because when the Constitution was ratified and the Bill of Rights was ratified the cultivation and processing and yes! the smoking of India hemp (cannabis sativa and its cultivars) was perfectly legal in the newborn United States of America. As a matter of fact, so was the production and use of alcohol. That is why a century later that miserable exercise in prohibition against alcohol required a Constitutional Amendment to outlaw alcohol. It would require a Constitutional Amendment to outlaw hemp as well. This has never happened.

It is time for the government to give up the war on hemp and move on. The War on Cannabis is Unconstitutional!

This fraudulent “war” has no moral basis.

We the People have the Constitutional Right to use cannabis in any one of its four uses: spiritual, medicinal, recreational and nutritional-industrial.

have a peaceful day,


As a human being I claim the right to use cannabis.  Its a plant.

My right to use plants is held by humanity in general as part of our commons and in perpetuity and my right preceded any state or local laws, any national laws, any Bill of Rights, any Constitution, any Declaration of Independence, any Magna Carta, any King Arthur, or any imaginary being that might want to take it from me.

I claim the right to chew the coca leaf and to make opium pod tea or to grow and use the nicotine bush, or to use the bark of the willow tree or the ancient herb Vervain.

I reserve the right to consume plant products to enhance my own personal spiritual advancement.

This is simple.

have a peaceful day,


and a link to last years event:

Here are a few free posters for you, u-print-em.  I like to print out a few of each to give participants a choice of printed signs, and I have a few markers and blanks for people who need to express their own thoughts.    Print these 11 x 17 on recycle card stock in b x w and they are pretty effective, and still look grass rootsy.















West, Texas, Fertilizer Plant Blast One Year Ago (VIDEO)

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Published on Apr 17, 2014

One year ago today a massive explosion at a fertilizer plant rocked the town of West, Texas.Jeff Tobola has just now released heart-stopping cell phone video he shot of the explosion.He says he waited until now out of respect for the victims and that he had a lot of friends killed in the blast.More from CNN: 15 dead, 120 homes destroyed


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You will not be punished for your anger, you will be punished by your anger.



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one of my favorite biblical quotes

Leviticus 25:35-37 ESV /

“If your brother becomes poor and cannot maintain himself with you, you shall support him as though he were a stranger and a sojourner, and he shall live with you. Take no interest from him or profit, but fear your God, that your brother may live beside you. You shall not lend him your money at interest, nor give him your food for profit. “

Bunkerville: Feds Back Down to Armed Militia

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U.S. agency ends Nevada cattle roundup, releases herd after stand-off

Protesters gather at the Bureau of Land Management’s base camp, where the cattle that were seized …

BUNKERVILLE, Nevada (Reuters) – U.S. officials ended a stand-off with hundreds of armed protesters in the Nevada desert on Saturday, calling off the government’s roundup of cattle it said were illegally grazing on federal land and giving about 300 animals back to the rancher who owned them.

more from google news

Oarfish Spotted in the Sea of Cortez (Mexico)

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Government Personhood

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If you are sincerely for deregulation in the marketplace then you need to remove all regulation against government entering the marketplace, don’t you? Governments have money I guess they are just people too.

Houseboats for Mixed Housing in Eureka

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If we utilize our marinas to berth some houseboats we could berth 1,000 houseboats there and grow the low income housing stock for Eureka.   1,000 houseboats in the marina = 2,000 new customers for Old Town businesses.   It means a houseboat building and maintenance industry on Humboldt bay.   It could be started right now.
A planned Sausalito.  Make sure there are nice boats and humble boats.  Mixed community on the water.
Of course there would be impacts on the bay, you would have to connect the boats to city sewer.   But you could grow the population and low cost housing stock of Eureka easily and quickly and create a whole new industry (houseboat building and maintenance)  on Humboldt Bay.  Without heavily impacting the land.
have a peaceful day,

Local Writer Mitch Trachtenberg Takes on Toyota in Truth Out

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“After the verdict but before the jury could decide on punitive damages, Toyota decided to settle this case and a large set of outstanding sudden-acceleration cases. The reason Toyota became anxious to settle may have been the expert testimony of Michael Barr, an embedded software systems expert who had been allowed to examine the source code of Toyota’s engine-control system and who found terrible problems with the system’s design. The problems, said Barr, made it theoretically possible that a software failure would both trap the throttle in a wide open position and disable the very systems that should notice the problem. Perhaps worse for Toyota, Barr found many problems throughout the software, any one of which would indicate shoddy engineering practice.?”

Mitch Trachtenberg is a freelance writer and computer programmer. He lives in Trinidad, California.

Books Are History

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my thoughts are that the printed book business is in trouble (well pretty much history) and these are the laments of a buggy whip maker in 1920.
I love books but I haven’t read one since 2004.  My last one was a paperback Nero Wolfe novel.  Not a bad way to break my habit.  I used to read tons of books from the time I was six and learned to read.  I read em all.   I used to own a library, over 1,000 hardbacks and a bunch of paperbacks.
The problem is the internet is so much more efficient.  I am a genius for better or worse and I need information the way a fish needs water.   I can get a lot ROI by using the net.  I have the capability of researching as deeply as I wish, even if most other people can’t.   That’s the way its been for 10,000 years.   The internet is just a case of a rising tide lifting all boats.   Some one like you or me has access to by now 99.99 % of the accumulated wisdom of man and womyn kind over 100,000 years.    The average gum chewing Joe or Josephine doesn’t, but he or she does have more general info about the world around them than Galileo did just a few hundred years ago.   I am good with that.
I think that we are experiencing evolution.   Humans born after the internet will be a different species from those of us born before.   A thousand years from now year zero will denote the invention of the net, not the birth of a religious figure.   Things change.
I think what is going on is that a world language is being created.  It is a fusion of alphabetic linear languages like English, French, Hindu and ideographic languages like Chinese and Korean.   Think smiley face, emoticons, and corporate logos.  And its dense.  Its fucking dense language, not much white space is there?
have a peaceful day,
ps  I think we need books.  It is the book “business” that no longer makes sense.

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